Sony C5303 HuaShan confirmed to be the Xperia SP

Images of the Sony C5303 HuaShan recently leaked. Those images arrived with some specs, however while we knew this was going to be an Xperia branded device, it was not clear which one it would be. That being said, it would appear as if those details have since been revealed. But keep in mind, while we have seen some confirmation, the details have not yet arrived direct from Sony.

LG Optimus L7 II Dual leak reveals a 4.3-inch display and Jelly Bean

It appears as if a new Optimus L series handset has leaked. The newly discovered device is the LG Optimus L7 II Dual and as the dual in the name would imply, this one has two SIM card slots. Or more specifically, the handset will have two SIM card slots with support for simultaneous use. Otherwise, the Optimus L7 II Dual will have a 4.3-inch IPS display and above average sized battery.

Sony C5303 ‘HuaShan’ images surface

A series of images have recently surfaced showing what is believed to be the Sony C5303. The handset has previously been given the codename of HuaShan and this particular model is one that will bring LTE connectivity. Sony is also expected to have other variants of this handset including the C5302 and C5306.

Sony Xperia Yuga image leak shows off the 5-inch display

Another day and another Sony Yuga related leak has surfaced. This latest has arrived in the form of two images. And on top of the images, there is also word that we may be seeing a bit more in-depth coverage of the handset later this afternoon. Keep in mind though, even the promised in-depth coverage is not yet coming from Sony.

LG Nexus G photos leak in HD

LG Nexus G photos have made their way into the wild today. Of course, we are not 100% sure that this will be the name, but it is possible. News has been all over the place about the LG and Google's latest Nexus phone, and these new photos appear to be confirmation of its existence. Photos and specs leaked yesterday, but those had a cast around the phone hiding its final design. These new photos lack that casting, and it gives us a much better idea of what the device will look like. We first reported that the LG Nexus G would have a 13 megapixel camera, but upon further review of these photos, we do not think that is the case. A 13 megapixel camera would have a bit more bulge to it, as shown in our hands-on with the LG Optimus G here. The camera in these photos is clearly quite thin, and it seems impossible to fit a 13 megapixel camera in such a small space. The rest of the specs we reported yesterday still appear to be true. It looks like it has Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean installed. The pictures do not confirm or deny the quad-core 1.5 GHz S4 processor or 2GB of RAM, but we don't see any reason not to believe these reported specs. This looks like a pretty slick device, and we expect to see some announcements soon. These new pictures show a ton more detail, and it looks very stylish. The reported 4.7 inch screen looks vibrant, and we can't wait to see more from the LG Nexus G. [gallery]

HTC DLX Specifications Leaked in Detail

The HTC developer known as "Football" on Twitter sent out a tweet containing what appears to be specifications for the up-coming HTC smartphone known as DLX, which is rumored to be headed to the Verizon lineup. Although little is officially known about the HTC DLX, it is rumored to be named the One X 5 or DROID Incredible X. A concept image has been floating around the Web for a few weeks.