Samsung GALAXY S 4 launch dates leaked by Staples

While we wait for the official word from the carriers, it looks like one retailer has given a rough idea of when we can expect the GALAXY S 4 to begin arriving for sale here in the US market. That retailer is Staples and a recently leaked memo is giving a potential release date for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Take note though, we say potential because the memo makes it clear that these are "tentative" launch dates.

Google Babel shown in leaked screenshots

The latest Google Babel related leak seems to have surfaced. This one brings quite a few images of what the service will look like and of course, follows the mention we had earlier this morning. Earlier leak aside though, this is certainly not the first mention of Babel, the one catch is that the spelling of the name seems to be changing. The service was previously listed as Babble, whereas now it is being referred to as Babel.

HTC M4 spec leak tips UltraPixel camera and 16GB storage

Its been some time since we last heard anything in terms of the HTC M4, however an updated set of specs has recently surfaced. These are not all that different from the previously leaked specs, however they do come at an interesting time. Basically, that is to say we can now look at the HTC M4 as compared to the HTC first -- as opposed to as compared to the HTC One, which was previously dubbed the HTC M7.

Samsung Galaxy S4 alleged screenshots leak

As the Samsung event gets closer it seems the Galaxy S4 related leaks and rumors seem to be going into overdrive. We recently mentioned those screenshots showing the Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features and now it looks like we are getting a look at some screenshots from a US model Galaxy S4. The images come courtesy of the folks at GSM Israel and while these seem believable enough, we have to remain skeptical.

Huawei Ascend P2 image leak gives a look at the camera and colors

Another series of images have surfaced for the yet to be announced Huawei Ascend P2 smartphone. This latest round of images are offering a look at the handset from a few angles, and join the previous leaks which have included everything from renders, to in-the-wild style to one that tipped the handset as being water-resistant. As for today, the images are showing the camera and the capacitive buttons as well as the power button and volume rocker.

Archos Galaxy Note: don’t be fooled this afternoon

Last week we mentioned the latest Archos rumors. For those who missed that post, the rumors detailed three upcoming smartphones. Assuming these rumors prove to be accurate -- it looks like Archos is once again looking to release a few smartphones. We remain skeptical mainly because this is not the first time we are hearing talk of an Archos smartphone. That part of the rumor aside -- images of these smartphones weren't posted last week and they have not been posted since.

Sony C6802 spec leak reveals a 1080p display and Android 4.2

We are still seeing rumors discussing availability dates for the Sony Xperia Z smartphone and it look as if talk of the successor has already begun. The handset has yet to have a name. Or for that matter, an image. What we do have however is a codename and some basic details. Seems things are moving a bit quick, however the details of the Sony C6802 have recently been spotted on the HTML5 Test website.