Nexus 5 leaked service manual details specs

As the expected announcement draws ever closer, we are getting more and more information that helps paint a better picture of what may possibly be the Google Nexus 5. Now, courtesy of a leaked internal service manual, we're getting a peek at the hardware specs of Google's next Nexus smartphone that is now believed to be coming from LG.

HTC One Max image leak offers Galaxy Note 3 size comparison

No stranger to leaks and rumors, it appears as if we are getting another pre-announcement look at the HTC One Max. This time around the images have surfaced on the Chinese language ePrice and are offering a look at the handset sitting side-by-side with the Galaxy Note 3. And in addition, there are also a few shots of the backside of the One Max, both with and without the back cover.

Android 4.4 screen grabs offer early look, tip upcoming features

It looks like another Android 4.4 Kit Kat leak has surfaced. This latest leak is arriving as a series of images and as such, is offering a bit of a look at some of the upcoming features. Anyway, while there is not much to indicate these aren't the real deal, they are showing a build that is still being referred to as Key Lime Pie. Not to mention, they are dated August 28th.

LG G Pro Lite Dual tipped to arrive next month

LG has had the Optimus G Pro smartphone available for a while now, however judging from this latest leak it is looking another G Pro handset is getting ready to launch. The handset is the LG G Pro Lite Dual and a few images as well as some details in terms of specs have recently been spotted on the Russian language Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru site. And to clarify, LG is expected to release the G Pro Lite Dual in Europe.