HTC M8 spec details and benchmarks surface

It looks like the rumors and leaks surrounding the HTC M8 are beginning to pick up a bit. In recent weeks we have seen some images and also some specs surface online. As of today, we are seeing a bit more on the specs. The details are coming by way of AnTuTu, which means we are also getting a look at what is said to be a benchmark for the handset.

ZTE nubia Z5S mini benchmark results surface

Following a series of rumors and leaks, ZTE officially unveiled the nubia Z5S and Z5S mini at an event earlier in the month. ZTE offered details on the specs and pricing at the time and while we had a good idea of how the phones would perform based on the hardware, some still prefer to see the benchmarks so they can better compare to other devices. In this case, it looks like benchmarks for the nubia Z5S mini have recently surfaced.

Verizon HTC One max price details leaked

Verizon has previously said the HTC One max would be available sometime "this holiday season." That announcement came back in mid-October and by way of Twitter and while there is plenty of unknowns in terms of the launch, the chatter had gone quiet. Simply put, despite the fact a month has past, Big Red has yet to follow up with any additional details for the release.
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