Specs of Galaxy S6 edge Plus revealed in leaked diagrams

It’s already tradition that the closer the launch date it is, the more leaks, rumors, and insider information will come out (and sometimes you have to wonder if it isn’t the OEM itself that starts these leaks). We’re a few weeks away from the expected announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus, and the latest news is that some release diagrams have been seen, giving (and confirming) more specs about the upcoming phablet.

OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 camera comparison images released

We’re still a few days away from the rumored announcement of the OnePlus 2, but the hype machine seems to be at work already. After some camera details and a review were leaked by a YouTuber who probably received an advanced copy of the device, now we have images comparing the camera prowess of the new flagship from the Chinese brand to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and it looks like the bigger megapixels doesn’t always guarantee the best quality.

More pictures of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus leaked

Just a day after photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus were allegedly leaked on a German website, we have even more photos of the phablet coming out. This time it’s from a French blog which says that they were one of the first to leak that the new smartphone will come out soon and that it’s a plus sized version of the current Galaxy S6 edge. The new photos didn’t really add much to the earlier leaked ones.

Possible new Motorola Droid leaked

It’s right about time for us to be talking about what Motorola has up its sleeve, after all the big boys have shown their cards. Right about now, people are probably talking about what this new leaked image by Hong Kong-based Moto fan page “Hellomotohk” is. Will this be the new Droid coming out? Motorola has been relatively successful with its Droid line recently, so people are getting excited to know what the next one in line will be like.

South Korean brochure shows (leaks?) Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung still has no official announcement about a new, upcoming phablet, but there have been so many "leaks" and rumors, that they may very well do so very soon. The latest place where users have spotted the supposedly new phablet, the Galaxy A8, is in South Korea, where a brochure (not sure if Samsung or some electronic store brochure though) has featured Samsung's reported new device. The brochure does confirm some of the specs that we've been seeing in pictures and videos that have been making the rounds.

Samsung Galaxy A8 hands-on video leaked, maybe from TENAA

We've heard a lot about the upcoming mid-range Samsung Galaxy A8, including certification details from China's TENAA. But a new leaked video is probably the closest we're getting to actually seeing and touching the (hopefully) soon to be launched phablet. And surprisingly enough, it might also have come from TENAA, giving a bit of "credibility" to the product show on the video. It may have just confirmed some of the things we've known about the Galaxy A8 and given us a glimpse of what to actually expect.

Upcoming Galaxy A8 receives TENAA certification

A few days after some images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 were leaked, now we have Chinese telecoms governing body TENAA posting on their site that the phablet has passed their certification. It doesn't actually call the device by the official name but instead uses the model number SM-A8000, but we all know which smartphone it refers to. The image on the site also looks similar to the ones that were leaked last week, giving even more credence that the images have some sort of legitimacy.

Leaked video, pictures of alleged Moto G 2015 out in the open

It’s usually in the summertime when Motorola plans its major launches of new devices. We’re at that time of the year again and so understandably, the air is rife with rumors of new Moto devices. This particular leak shows the alleged 2015 version of the bang-for-your-buck Moto G smartphone. Whether you believe or not is your own call, but the images do look convincing.
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