Lava Xolo X900

XOLO Q800 quad-core Jelly Bean smartphone announced for $230

The folks from XOLO have just launched their very first quad-core Android smartphone. The XOLO Q800 was detailed and launched late last week and arrives with some pretty good specs and hardware all for just $230. The only catch being we'll probably never see this phone arrive stateside. More details on this new arrival is available below.

XOLO A1000 offers 5-inch 720p display and Jelly Bean for $259

We're all about finding budget phones with pretty stellar specs to share with our readers, and today we've stumbled on one worth mentioning. Lava Mobile has launched their new XOLO A1000 with some pretty decent specs. Their more recognized device was the Intel Medfield powered device from last year, but this phone certainly looks better on paper so lets check it out.

Lava XOLO Intel Android smartphone hands-on

We had a great time at CTIA 2012 this year down in New Orleans and saw plenty of impressive phones like the EVO 4G LTE and DROID Incredible 4G LTE. One that went under the radar however was the new Lava XOLO Intel-powered smartphone that was announced in late April. We stopped by the Intel booth for some hands-on with their Android phone to see what the fuss was all about. Check out the video and pictures after the break.

Intel Medfield-powered Lava Xolo X900 benchmarked

If you've been waiting for an alternative to ARM-powered Android phones, then you're in luck  - so long as you live in India. The Intel Medfield-powered Xolo X900 from manufacturer Lava went on sale earlier this week on the subcontinent, and the tech heads at Anandtech managed to grab one for a detailed review. If you want to take a look at an established company that's soon to become a major power on the supply side of Android hardware, then it's definitely worth a look.