Action Launcher updated to version 3.3, with new goodies

Action Launcher is one of the Android world’s favorite launchers, as evidenced by it being chosen by a number of Android websites as one of the best Material Design apps out there, and one of the best Android launchers your phone can have. Developer Chris Lacy is a very diligent app owner and regularly puts out updates fixing bugs and such. Here we are again with a new update, a new version – Action Launcher 3.3 is out, and it’s bringing some new features your way.

Nova Launcher updated with Material Design style

TeslaCoil Software's Nova Launcher was recently updated to include full Material Design elements. The version is not officially available on Google Play Store yet but it should be arriving anytime soon. Kevin Barry of the software development team just announced on his Google+ page the good news plus a list of the new features, improvements, and bug fixes. The app also now includes more animations, new Nova Action icons, plus some changes on the Google Search bar design.

Sloth Launcher update: Material Design, better notifications

Your favorite cute-animal-that's-not-really-an-animal-but-actually-an-app is back with a new update, giving it a better looking design and more options for your notifications and shortcuts. If you don't know yet that Sloth Launcher is not a game where you get to take care of a cute mammal, it is actually a sidelauncher that can help you trigger actions or apps when you need them. Despite its name, the app can actually make you work faster (although, it might turn you lazier, probably hence the name).

Action Launcher 3.2 now out on Google Play, massive changelog in tow

Developer Chris Lacy has made Action Launcher 3.2 available for everybody today – an initial launch to a beta channel was made early in February. Now, the app is indeed up on Google Play where everybody can gawk at the massive changelog that the app carries. All good news for users you see, as Action Launcher brings out a number of new features, as well as some fixes and minor changes within the app.

Action Launcher 3.2 now available

If you use the app Action Launcher, you will be glad to hear that the app has been updated. The update will bring it to version 3.2 and that update is rolling out now. There are a number of changes in the latest version including new icon scaling.

Nokia Z Launcher beta update adds icon pack support

If you are a user of the Nokia Z Launcher app, you may be waiting for the app to leave beta and go to official full release. The app has been updated recently, but it is still listed as a beta. If you are unfamiliar with Z Launcher, the app is designed to learn how you use your phone and give you faster access to your favorite apps.

SWApp Launcher Wear allows you to launch apps on your smartwatch

Having fun with your wearable yet? Not many Android phone users already have a compatible smartwatch. The swartwatch era has just started but it certainly has the potential to become bigger. There's still so much to improve on the small interface and functionality but one thing we're certain about: the smartwatch is very useful. Instead of bringing your bulky phone if you're going for a quick run or walk around the neighborhood, you can just wear a smartwatch and receive notifications for the important items you need--SMS, calls, and more. And since launcher apps on Android are becoming more popular, launcher apps for Android Wear also make sense.

Launcher Lab lets you customize your Android device home screen

The beauty of Android lies in the platform’s ability to be customized. This includes personalization of home screens and icons according to the design preference of a person. You can design your very own home screen with different editing elements and add items you only want to see when you first open your phone. Change the design of the interface following the Lollipop or Material Design theme or depending on your mood and creativity.

T9 Launcher allows you to “dial” your favorite apps

There are a lot of launchers available on Google Play and looks like more and more developers will introduce their own versions. The latest is this T9 Launcher from Dagsverket that offers quick access to your favorite apps. Just like any launchers, the T9 promises speed, predictive searches, and familiarizing of your phone usage patterns. This productivity app also allows direct dialing of numbers from the dialpad simply by clicking the Home button and clicking on it again to hide.
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