Action Launcher 2.0 update teased by developer

There isn't any shortage of options when it comes to launchers. A quick search of the Play Store will turn up numerous results and each seems to have their own group of diehard users. As for us, since taking a deep dive into launchers over the summer, we have been stuck on Action Launcher. The app is currently sitting at v1.9.1 and while things are stable and comfortable, we are anxiously waiting the big 2.0 release.

Google to remove black bar in favor of new “App Launcher” soon [Update]

This morning we're getting multiple reports that Google has changed up their usual black navigation bar on their homepage, and replaced it with a brand new Android-style app launcher. The horizontal black bar for navigation to Search, Images, Maps, Gmail, Play, YouTube and more have all been moved to an app launcher menu. Blending the lines between Android and desktop even more.

Omate TrueSmart home launcher detailed in first look video

Samsung and Qualcomm each unveiled a smartwatch last week. Samsung had the Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm had the Toq and while each had some good points and bad points, we cannot help but keep looking back towards a recently launched Kickstarter. Or maybe more accurately, the folks at Omate won't let us forget due to the rapid series of updates they have been providing. And with that, the latest Omate Kickstarter update is offering a look at the launcher.

Action Launcher update brings a “wealth” of optimizations and improvements

Action Launcher has recently been updated and while this one may not be considered a huge update by everyone, it did provide some worthwhile new features, changes and improvements. To begin with, those using Action Launcher will now be able to hide the notification bar. This option is hidden away in the Labs section, which does mean it is still considered experimental.

Facebook Home gets an update, no tablet version in sight

Facebook has begun pushing out another update to their Facebook Home replacement launcher today, but so far we have no clue as to what actually changed. This isn't the first update, but most new features have arrived through the official Facebook app, not the Home app itself. It still says version 1.0 in the Play Store, and there is no changelog. So your guess is as good as ours.

Launchers: taking Nova, Action and Yandex for a spin

One of the attractions of using Android is the ability to customize. This can be everything from adjusting and tweaking the layout using your stock setup, which could include a TouchWiz or Sense experience and it can also include using third party launchers. The launcher category is big and it seems to be growing at a fairly regular pace. Without trying to name every single launcher available, just in recent history we have seen mentions of Apex Launcher and Chameleon as well as and Facebook Home.

iOS 7 icons on Android for the Apple fan in you

Earlier this week the folks from Apple unveiled iOS 7, the new face of their mobile OS. Representing the biggest change to the iPhone OS since its birth. We won't get into if we like it or not, who copied who and all that jazz, but instead show you just how easy we can make our Androids look the same. Thanks to one fan we have exactly that.

Kakao Talk to launch an Android Launcher to compete against Facebook Home

Kakao Talk is a messaging app that's been available for Android for a while and has proven popular for Korean users. The company CEO has now revealed plans to Forbes that the company will be adding a new launcher within a couple weeks to make accessing its free messaging and calling app easier for users. The new launcher hopes to compete with Facebook Home.
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