Rovers launcher allows multitask utility, access to Android Shortcuts

Just like notifications and other similar widgets, launchers have become so useful to Android users who want easy access to apps frequently used. We've featured a lot of launchers already and we're certain more will be released. One of the most recent ones we've tried is Rovers, a new app that will help you become more productive than ever.

MRU Widget shows recently used apps, blacklist backup/restore added

From Now cards to notifications to launchers, there are still so many ways to personalize your Android phone experience. There seems to be a trend now to declutter one's home screen because really, it's just too difficult to have a disorganized screen. There are several apps and widgets that can help productivity and app management like viewing the most recent apps you've used. The MRU Widget is a special tool that lessens the need to create app shortcuts as all those recently used apps will simply show up on the MRU.

Merge several icon packs into one with the Icondy app

Some app icons are lovely to look at but because there are hundreds of thousands of apps available, there is a high probability of icon designs looking almost the same that they can be confusing. Good thing there's a new app called the Icondy that can merge several icon packs into just one. This allows the user to choose icons from the two icon packs available. Choose one each from both packs to create a new icon pack.

Use Firefox OS as a launcher on your phone in experimental form

If you're pretty satisfied with Android (although of course, you probably have a wishlist), then you probably will not want to experiment with other operating systems anytime soon, unless you buy a new second (or third) smartphone. But if you're just a little curious about this thing called Firefox OS, which has been around for some time now, then a new experimental app released by Mozilla should give you a feel of what it is without necessarily having to let go of Android.

Nokia’s Z Launcher adds support for Android Widgets

Nokia's very own Z Launcher finally supports Android widgets. This update brings a bunch of other features including new controls to accessing, adding, and repositioning widgets. Since a lot of people have been clamoring for widgets, the Nokia Apps developers decided to add such feature.

Wear Mini Launcher lets you manage apps in your smartwatch

Unlike with smartphones where you can still survive without an app launcher, Android Wear smartwatches aren't that great yet when it comes to managing and launching apps. You'd have to rely on apps like Wear Mini Launcher in order to quickly find the tools you need at that moment when you need it. Aside from getting to the apps, you also get to customize your settings and options so that it's easier for you to manage your smartwatch, even without opening your smartphone.

Swiftkey Greenhouse brings Hexy Launcher app

If you want your Android smartphone's home screen to look sexier, or rather, "hexier", you're in luck as the newest product coming out from the Swiftkey Greenhouse is an app launcher that would do just that. The Hexy Launcher is the latest from their "experimental" playground and it will basically arrange your apps on your home screen into, you guessed it, hexagonal tiles. App launchers are usually very useful, especially with the number of apps we constantly download, and this one gives you a unique look for your screen.

ZEN Launcher is fast, simple, effective, and light at less than 1MB

We have a host of choices for Android launchers these days – they basically act as a second “skin” to your basic Android operating system and give you a “look and feel” that you want. They’re mostly customizable and easy to personalize. ZEN Launcher is a new entry into that game, made by the Cooee Launcher DevTeam. Let’s see what they got – and you might be surprised.

WLauncher aims to bring a Metro UI feel, functionality to Android

I’ve always thought highly of how Microsoft built its Metro UI for Windows Phone mobile devices. It’s clean, minimalistic, functional, and to a point, even pretty. I’d be lying if I said there was not a time that I wished for an Android translation-slash-execution of the Metro UI. Maybe you have, too. Looks like the answer to our prayers is in development right now – this is WLauncher, and it gives your Android device Windows Phone-like UI and a surprising functionality to it.
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