Bento Launcher renamed as Scout, still in beta mode

There are numerous app launchers already on Android but we're still on the lookout for the ultimate one that beats everything else. We know that won't happen soon because every time an app is launched and more changes are introduced, people will always demand for more. Mobile users will never be content so they will ask for more or new ones. That or they are easily bored. And that is why app developers need to keep on updating, innovating, and reinventing. For some, changing a name could probably make them more interesting like this Bento being rebranded as Scout.

Microsoft beta launches their own Android launcher

In another step in their bid to become more relevant to other consumers, specifically for Android users, Microsoft is working on a new app that is now in a private beta-testing phase. The Arrow Launcher, is, you guessed it, an Android launcher that tries to bring the usual features that we enjoy from launchers, while bringing something unique and a Microsoft sensibility as well. And since it’s still in beta, you can contribute to making it a bit better.

Quantum Interface outs QiLaunch Mobile launcher, still in beta

Quantum Interface (Qi) has something new for all Android device users. There's a new app launcher available but it's still in beta form and is currently being tested. The company which is known for its motion-based interface architecture is bringing such technology in a simple launcher for Android phones and tablets. The idea is to use the Spread module of Qi to reveal the menu with a simple touch.

Link your wallpaper to a friend’s with APUS launcher new beta feature

If you’ve been using the APUS launcher as your default Android smartphone home screen launcher, a new beta feature might make you happy, if you’re into having the same wallpaper with a loved one. The Linked Wallpaper feature allows you to link your accounts together, making it easier to share photos or other images so that the two of you will be able to either stay in touch through your home screen or relive memories that only a photo can bring.

Rotary Home organizes apps and social media timeline on home screen

If you’re not familiar with the term “rotary phone”, then you’re probably too young. But if you like things a bit retro, then you will probably enjoy having this app on your smartphone, and that is just one of the reasons. Aside from the old school round interface, the app also helps organize your various social media feed and your numerous apps into a circular launcher accessible from your home screen.

Pattern Launcher offers faster startup just by making a pattern

Launcher apps have been available since forever. We've probably tested hundreds already but there are only a few that we actually use. Personally, I'm still looking for one that will help my being unorganized. You see, it's not just my room that is full of clutter. Even my phone's home screen is a disaster that I just use the search function all the time. I know launchers can be helpful and I might try this new Pattern Launcher. This new app allows a user to simply make a pattern to launch an app.

Action Launcher 3.5 is out, Quickbar feature introduced

Action Launcher remains one of our favorite – if not THE favorite – Android launchers simply because its developer Chris Lacy keeps adding one great feature upon another. Lacy also listens quite a bit to feedback from his users, and so bugs and whatnot are easily and promptly dealt with on every update, which is very much a regular happening, unlike other apps which starve of development. The latest update to Action Launcher is out, which brings us to version 3.5, with a new headline feature called the Quickbar.

Rovers launcher allows multitask utility, access to Android Shortcuts

Just like notifications and other similar widgets, launchers have become so useful to Android users who want easy access to apps frequently used. We've featured a lot of launchers already and we're certain more will be released. One of the most recent ones we've tried is Rovers, a new app that will help you become more productive than ever.

MRU Widget shows recently used apps, blacklist backup/restore added

From Now cards to notifications to launchers, there are still so many ways to personalize your Android phone experience. There seems to be a trend now to declutter one's home screen because really, it's just too difficult to have a disorganized screen. There are several apps and widgets that can help productivity and app management like viewing the most recent apps you've used. The MRU Widget is a special tool that lessens the need to create app shortcuts as all those recently used apps will simply show up on the MRU.

Merge several icon packs into one with the Icondy app

Some app icons are lovely to look at but because there are hundreds of thousands of apps available, there is a high probability of icon designs looking almost the same that they can be confusing. Good thing there's a new app called the Icondy that can merge several icon packs into just one. This allows the user to choose icons from the two icon packs available. Choose one each from both packs to create a new icon pack.
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