Galaxy Tab coming to AT&T for $649 November 21st?

Joining both Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T is now rumored to be set to launch the Galaxy Tab on their network November 21st. In a leaked training document it's not only revealed that the potential launch date is the 21st, but also gives us a price: $649.99 without contract.

T-Mobile ‘4G’ Coming Soon, Fastest in the US

It looks as if T-Mobile is gearing up to launch their '4G' network in many cities across the US. After much debate as whether they should refer to it as "4G" "4G Speed" or anything else, it looks like they have gone with simply calling it their 4G network. According to TmoNews, T-Mobile is ready to begin advertising the network as "America's Largest 4G Network" and has it's promotion material all ready.

Galaxy Tab coming to O2 November 1st

Just as expected, the Galaxy Tab will be hitting the O2 network on the first of November. The Tab will be available online at and in selected stores that Monday. O2 Gurus will also be on hand in most stores to help customers set up, activate, and answer any questions they might have about their new Android 2.2 tablet.

Verizon’s 4G Network coming to 38 Cities this year

When we first heard word of Verizon’s upcoming 4G network, we knew that it would initially be coming to 30 cities for the year 2010. However, just before Verizon’s LTE press conference at CTIA, we have learned that it will actually be launching in 38 cities and 62 airports. This will start off in large, highly populated cities, then eventually branch out to cover even more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab retailing at £599.99 say insiders

We know it’s coming, we know what it features and we are very excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, the one thing we have yet to find out is a price for the 7-inch tablet. The company behind the UK retailers Currys, Dixons, and PC World has stated that the SIM-free, off-contract price at £599.99 ($950) Interestingly, this is more than the 16GB iPad 3G in the UK. No word yet on which carriers will be launching the device in the UK or a price point but we do know that it will be arriving in the UK starting the first of November. Expect further word on this from Samsung, or any of the carriers in the US, or overseas in the coming weeks as we get closer to the devices official launch. But it seems for now, a Tab without a contract will not be a cheap alternative to the iPad. Android Community Hands-on: [Via SlashGear]

Early T-Mobile G2 hardware issues, Missing storage, loose hinges [Video]

The highly anticipated T-Mobile G2 is making it’s way into eager customers hands. However, it’s not all good news. Early reports from a few close with the device have noticed that their devices have shipped with hinges that are not fully attached, and even - in some reports - their devices are not shipping with the correct amount of storage. The hinge problem may not be directly annoying in everyday use of the phone, but it could be unsettling knowing your phone is not as solid as you would expect it to be. The real issue here is the hinge is especially loose and the screen is hanging when the phone is held upside down, as seen in the image above. A more practical annoying fault of this issue is when you’re holding the phone at some angles, the screen will snap shut. The second issue involves the storage shipping inside the devices not being what users have actually ordered. In some cases shipped G2 that are said to contain 4GB of internal storage and were clocking in with a total of 2GB. We, as well, have no idea how such a mix up would happen but we expect either exchanges for customers made available or a larger microSD card to compensate for the storage loss. More on this issue will definitely be coming in the coming days. To our forum members who have ordered a G2, are you experiencing any issues? Let us know in the comment section below! [Via Engadget]

Samsung Fascinate Known Launch Bugs According to Verizon

No cellphone can ship perfectly with no bugs. Usually it is up to the end users via forums to find and report such bugs. This is not the case with the Samsung Fascinate that launched 2 days ago online and yesterday in stores. In fact a document with all of the know bugs has been shared with the folks at Boy Genius Report.
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