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GameStop embraces Android for Streaming Games

GameStop is diving in the deep end of the mobile game streaming, having recently purchased Spawn Labs. Their plan is to go head to head with Steam, and do it with Android leading the charge. With Spawn Labs, GameStop will provide game streaming to any internet connected device, and the mobile market in particular. Why did they choose Android? Control.

Owner of Epic 4G takes apart keyboard to put in custom gaming controls

Well this is a first. I enjoy playing games on my phone as most people do, especially console emulators, but I have never seen one person go to such an extreme. Android user Cary Golomb decided that he needed to optimize his phone for gaming, so he decided to remove the unnecessary keys on his keyboard. After taking a knife to the keys he didn't need, he painted the keyboard over with black and gave it a slicker look. Keep in mind that the phone is still fully function-able without a keyboard as well.

Download GameCenter for FREE on your Android device

GameFly has just introduced GameCenter for Android. Now you can keep track of your gaming queue while on the go. This app will not allow you play the games on your phone but there’s plenty of entertainment value packed in this app. You can read the latest gaming news, watch videos and view screenshots right from your Android device.