lapdock 500

Motorola: more Lapdock-style devices coming in 2012

While we and just about everybody else was floored at the potential of Motorola's Lapdock when it was introduced with the Atrix 4G, the reality of its utility has proven somewhat underwhelming. Even when the Atrix 2 brought us a semi-universal model in the Lapdock 100, the laptop/smartphone combination still felt a little cuimbersome, and hard to justify given the extra cost it requires. It appears that Motorola isn't discouraged, however: in an interview with AllThingsD, executive Christy Wyatt said the company plans more multi-screen intiatives in the coming year.

Motorola Lapdock 500 clears the FCC, spotted with the DROID RAZR

We've seen plenty about Motorola's Lapdock offerings but until the recently released Lapdock 100 they were proprietary and only worked with a single device. The new Lapdock 100 and 500 will be universal and will work across all future top end Android devices from Motorola. We showed you a little about the Lapdock 100 during our Atrix 2 review but today its bigger brother the 500 has cleared the FCC and is on its way to store shelves soon.