language translation

Google Maps gets a localized version for India

Whether you're just traveling to the next city to visit a friend or taking a vacation in New Delhi, Google Maps has got your location needs covered. Today, Google has announced Google Maps in Hindi, the latest fruit of its efforts to break down the barriers that keep people apart, whether it be physical location or language differences.

Inapp Translator floats inside apps to translate text

Inapp Translator is a rather handy utility that, as the name suggests, offers you translation features within any app that allows text to be copied, without leaving that app and switching to a dedicated translation app. But while it offers convenience, the app does have some quirks and limitations that might turn off a few users.

Google Translate for Android update brings offline language packs

Google has announced the latest update for the Translate app on Android. The update is currently available from the Google Play Store and brings support for offline language translation. Basically, this means that you will now be able to get language translations without having a network connection. Of course, that is assuming you have downloaded the offline language pack prior to losing that connectivity.

SpeechTrans Ultimate translation app hits Android

I would bet at some point you have wanted to talk to someone that didn’t speak the same language. That can be impossible in many instances leaving you to try to mime what you are saying to the person. A new app has landed on Android called SpeechTrans that can turn speech from one language into voice output for anther. The app has text-to-text and text-to-speech translation.

Google Translate for Android Updated, Experimental Feature Added

The first version for Google Translate for Android was waaay back in January 2010. Google lets us know in a report today that since then, they've added several updates to make the app totally easy (easier) to work with. They've added dropdown boxes to help select languages, improved the input box (somehow or another) and cleaned up the icons and the whole layout. PLUS there's an experimental feature added on.

Babylon2Go translation app hits Android Market

I am sure that there are lots of times when Android users are traveling or going about their day and they run across a word that then don’t know be it in English or in a foreign language. There is also a lot of content online that we run across that needs translated.

Google Goggles updated now features language translation

The best part about this update is it’s available for 1.6 and up phones. I know there are a few of you still stuck on 1.5 but this does reach more users then some of the newer apps that are only compatible with 2.0 and up devices. With that being said, it’s good to see that Google is making a concerned effort to make their Android apps as good as possible. They are even keeping their mobile sites updated for Android devices.