BT Smartphone II is a smart landline with Google Play Store

To the 10 people in the world who still have landlines at their homes, admit it, you've probably wished that your old-school phone could do better. Tech company BT believes that too, and that is why they came up before with the Home Smartphone, offering you a landline device that could do so much more than just answer calls. Now they're back with Home Smartphone II, and it seems smarter than before as it now has access to Google Play Store.

Cisco DX650 melds Android with your office phone

There is no doubt that Android is almost everywhere, powering a wide variety of smart devices ranging from the usual suspects of smartphones and tablets to the more multimedia-centric boxes and TVs. Android has even appeared in some traditional landline situations, as an add-on tablet, a dedicated cordless home phone, or, in this case, a fixed display for an office phone. Make no mistake, though, as Cisco's DX650 phone is all about business and very little about entertainment.