Galaxy S III enters testing in Korea, may have non-Pentile screen

Another week, another batch of Samsung Galaxy S III rumors. We know it's coming, because a Samsung representative told AsiaE that the device has entered the testing phase in Samsung's home territory of South Korea. The standard testing regimen apparently takes two months, but Samsung wants it done faster than that - perhaps to get it good and ready for a pre-Olympics rollout. There's also news out of Korean site DDaily that the GSIII uses a 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED screen. That sounds identical to the panel found on the Galaxy Nexus, with one important difference: it doesn't use the Pentile pixel layout.

Android Market gaming applications now available in Korea

Those of you in Korea can rejoice as many gaming applications previously unavailable in the Android Market can now be purchased. Considering Korea is the second largest consumer of Android applications worldwide, this will mean great growth in gaming developers' profits. This service has already gone live, so expect an average rise in purchases and downloads now.

LG Optimus EX press image and specs revealed

Well folks, just a few days ago we received our first potential look at the LG Optimus EX rocking a dual-core processor and a decent rap-sheet full of specs. Earlier this week the details were a bit scant but today we've found actual press images as well as a detailed breakdown the specs and what will be under the hood here with the EX.

LG Optimus LTE pictured again in the wild

The LG Optimus LTE has been floating around the past few weeks and now the details are starting to pour in. Known originally as the LG LU6200 sources have confirmed they are calling it the Optimus LTE but most likely will receive a full name once it hits a few carriers. This dual-core device is a nice improvement for LG's lineup and we cant wait to see more soon -- details below.

LG Optimus EX dual-core phone leaked

A new Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone from the teams at LG has been leaked along with a press photo and some impressive hardware specs. This is the Optimus EX (aka LG-SU880) and for now we are just starting to receive information on this handset. First off hitting markets in Korea, we can hopefully expect to see it land on others soon.

LG Optimus Note Official as dual-core Tegra 2-packing slider [Video]

While this isn't the first time LG has come correct with a dual-core smartphone, it's certainly the first time they've done so with a slide-out keyboard. With their lineup including such gems as the LG G2x, the LG G-Slate, and the Optimus 3D (aka the Thrill 4G), you'd think LG was the king of dual core. Here they prove their willingness to go strange with what may well be the device that makes their NVIDIA Tegra 2 to Qualcomm dual-core processor ratio go from 2-to-1 to 3-to-1 in an instant. Are you looking to bypass the other dual-core QWERTY slider on the block, the Droid 3? Here you go - LG Optimus Note!

Google Offices Raided by Korean Fair Trade Commission

It appears that Google's Seoul offices have been raided today by Korean trustbusters looking for information on the possible stoppering of search opponents in the company's mobile operating system Android. Search engine company NHN (popular in the area) and Daum Communications this past April asked the country's Fair Trade Commission to investigate Google's mobile search business practices. It appears that this request may well have been the source of the raid this week, and Google has responded with compliance and assurances to the public that they've got no ill willing code in play that would make their OS an unfair playing field.

Samsung Galaxy S II at 3 MILLION Pre-Orders

Sunday night revealed itself as a moment in history for Samsung - one where they revealed their newest flagship, the Galaxy S II to have achieved 3 MILLION pre-orders. That's a lot. That's a whole heck of a lot. That's worldwide pre-orders, and this is yesterday, Sunday, the 8th of May when the phone went on sale officially in Korea. This number is expected to up as the phone reaches a global reach, eventually going on sale in 120 countries. Wild and crazy! Best phone ever!

LG Optimus 2X Dual-Core Tegra 2 Phone Coming Soon in White

And of course, as always, displayed kindly by two lovely Korean models. Take a peek here at what seems to be the blastoff point for several new phones - case color options, this time on the LG Optimus 2X. This phone is now on sale in Korea, and it's available in black right this moment and in February also in white.
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