Kodak Moments app lets you do edit, share, and print directly 

Kodak may not be the photography powerhouse that it was before, but they have been able to transform and rebrand themselves in this digital world, while still trying to maintain the original nature of their business. And now when people are merging both digital pictures and printing memories at the same time, they are in a great position to thrive since they have experience with both. The latest update to their Moments Android app brings both worlds together.

Kodak IM5 now available for sale in Netherlands

Kodak, which has of course made its mark in photography for the past decades, announced back in January at the CES that they will be releasing their first smartphone, the Kodak IM5, soon thereafter. However, that has come true five months after launch, and it is currently available only in the Netherlands, and not in the UK as was previously expected. Will consumers trust this brand enough as it makes its foray into mobile digital products?

Kodak IM5 Android phone announced at CES 2015

Just before 2014 ended, we noted that Kodak and Bullitt Group would be introducing a new mobile handset at the upcoming CES 2015. The International CES is happening this week and we're glad to finally see the first Kodak phone. Officially called as the Kodak IM5, this smartphone runs Android and features a 5-inch HD screen. Kodak wants to simplify the smartphone experience with this particular model with an intuitive user interface.

Kodak, Bullitt Group to intro mobile handset at CES 2015

All we knew last year was the Kodak Instamatic 2014 cameraphone concept running Android. It was really just a concept but before the year 2014 ends, Kodak and Bullitt Group have announced some new Android-powered devices that offered a great UI, design, and the best in image management software. Well, we've got no information about the exact name of the model and specs but at least we know for sure that Kodak is set to show off something next year.

Kodak Instamatic 2014 cameraphone concept runs Android

Kodak is a staple in the film and photography world, and today we're getting a glimpse at a neat concept for 2014. What we're seeing is a concept page showing the next-gen Kodak Instamatic 2014 camera. It doubles as a phone, and runs Android. It's a pretty interesting idea but is most likely a fake.

Google and Apple partnering up to purchase Kodak patents

More often than not it seems that patent related stories involve companies fighting. Well, that or trolls. But on that note, it looks like we have some patent related news that includes neither. Perhaps a bit more interesting, it is a patent related story that has Google and Apple working as partners.