Amazon Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet officially announced, just $199

Well folks, we are live here in NYC for the event today where Amazon has just unveiled their new tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire. Today they've fully unleashed this new 7" tablet and are aiming for the likes of the iPad. Being smaller and more than half the price at just $199. We have all the info and pictures below so head on past the break for full details.

Kindle ebooks on loan now at 11,000 libraries

This week the Android-powered Kindle eReader gets a massive bump as Amazon's library ebook lending scheme is initiated at over 11,000 libraries across the United States. Through this program, libraries will be offering ebooks for checkout for periods of time similar to what a normal book checkout would be. This will more than likely also boost physical library attendance as folks with the Kindle hardware will be encouraged to actually visit the locations to pick up the ebooks. This program is also working starting today on Android apps for devices of all types.

Amazon Kindle Android Tablet Hands-On Revealed

It appears that Amazon's future plans for a brand new line of Android tablets is very real and that tech journalist MG Siegler has gotten his hands on one this week. This device is a 7-inch tablet whose form factor is not unlike the BlackBerry PlayBook according to Siegler, and yes, indeed, it is running Android [SORT OF]. What Siegler is saying he's acting on is strict orders to not reveal anything TOO telling about the future of Amazon's tablets, but he's sure got a whole heck of a lot of information from a source that doesn't appear to want to give too much of the surprise away. No photos, no video, only the word of the man himself. Let's talk about it.

Amazon Leaks Names for Kindle Air, Wave, Earth, Water, Scribe

So we're thinking either the Wave and the Water are still in contention for the aquatic-based tablet of the future and/or they've decided to add a pen tool to the product instead of setting it aflame. Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and… Heart… are the basic elements as far as ancient storytelling goes, and if Kindle's collection of domain names continues as it has been, the likelihood of what we're assuming will be an another Android-based Kindle named after these earthly basics increases day by day. As you'll note over on our sister site SlashGear, we've been following this collection for a short while now. Kindle time approaching?

Amazon ignores Android with new Kindle Cloud Reader web-app

Amazon has launched a new web-based Kindle app,, using HTML5 to offer the ereading experience within the browser. However, while the app appears to be a workaround to avoid Apple's limitations on native iOS apps containing links to external stores, it seems Amazon is also leaving Android out in the cold. Attempt to access the Kindle Cloud Reader on an Android Honeycomb tablet, and you'll get the message "Your web browser isn't supported yet" and the advice to download Chrome or Safari (the desktop versions) instead. We tried in both the native Honeycomb browser and third-party alternative Opera, with no luck in either. It's a shame, since the web app is surprisingly well put together. As well as offering access to the cloud store of previously purchased titles, which can be locally downloaded to an iPad for offline reading, it has seamless integration with Amazon's Kindle store for buying new titles. The decision not to get the app up to speed with Android is somewhat curious, since Amazon is believed to have a pair of Android-based tablets of its own in the works. The company's native Android app still supports the Kindle store - Google, unlike Apple, doesn't limit links to places people can buy content - however.

Amazon cooking “family of devices” not just one Android tablet?

Amazon is tipped to have a "family of devices" using the Android OS in the pipeline for a holiday 2011 release, according to the latest leaks, potentially spanning not only various sizes of tablets but smartphones and/or set-top boxes (STB). According to Android and Me's sources, Amazon has been working closely with Google on the new range, potentially using Android Ice Cream Sandwich with a heavily customized interface developed by a specialist in embedded systems. Exact hardware specifications are unclear at this stage, including form-factors, processors and screen sizes/types. Amazon has been tipped to be looking at Pixel Qi and color E Ink panels, though CEO Jeff Bezos has recently said that he believes color E Ink to be "not ready for prime time." Instead, he thinks "it makes a lot of sense for there to be a low-power, reflective color display. I think that’s something you could build a fantastic product around." That could suggest Qualcomm's mirasol; the company recently showed a prototype ereader/tablet with a front-illuminated mirasol display, promising it would show up in hardware from fall 2011. WiFi and 3G options as with Kindle seem likely, along with competitive prices as Amazon pushes its "family" against other tablets and STBs it ranges. Bezos recently told press to "stay tuned" for more information on the infamous tablet plans. [via SlashGear]

Notion Ink Adam gets Kindle support

Notion Ink has announced that users of its Adam tablet will now be able to read their Amazon ebooks, with the news that the Kindle app is now available for the slate. The app does make considerable sense when you consider the optional Pixel Qi display, which can function in a similar manner to an e-ink panel on one of Amazon's own Kindle ereaders. Of course, the Kindle app for Android is nothing new, and so this is more an announcement about Amazon giving Notion Ink permission to distribute it through its download store than anything else. Adam lacks official access to the Android Market, and instead uses its own download system. As usual, there's Whispersync support so that reading progress is synchronized over all Kindle apps and hardware: you can pick up your Adam and carry on reading where you left off on your Kindle. The agreement is said to be the first of several imminent from Notion Ink.

Kindle to move to Android? [Rumor]

There's talk going around that Amazon may be looking to take completely redesign the Kindle platform and base it on the Android OS. According to posts in the New York Times Blog, Amazon is looking for Android developers for "Lab 126" which is Amazon's Kindle development unit. That would make for a very interesting development and may signal Amazon's concern that the NOOKColor is suddenly very popular with Android geeks looking for an affordable tablet option. There's also the fact that with Amazon's Android App Store that the book seller may simply be looking to evolve the Kindle to take advantage of Android apps they sell.

Kindle app for Android tablets coming later in 2011

Amazon has promised to release a version of its Kindle ereader app specifically suited to Android-based tablets later in 2011, ahead of the presumed torrent of slates expected to run Google's open-source platform. The app will follow Amazon's successful iPad Kindle ereader, and support Whispersync across multiple Kindle devices and apps to make sure you can always pick up where you left off reading. No timescale has been given for the Android tablet Kindle app's release, but we're assuming it will be free like all the other versions the retailer has developed. [via SlashGear]

Run the Kindle App on your NOOKcolor!

Over at, Andrei Pushkin has formulated a walk-through to help root your NOOKcolor and install the Kindle for Android application. He was even able to successfully install and run youtube, Gmail, and yes our favorite... Angry Birds!
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