Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids leaked, weans children into a digital lifestyle

We've seen smartphones and tablets designed and built to cater to different ages and lifestyles, from savvy seniors to athletic adventurers to texting teens. It was only a matter of time before manufacturers started targeting the lowest rung of the ladder: toddlers and kids. Samsung seems to have heard the call and is answering with its Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, a tablet that screams colors and fun.

Ematic releases the FunTab 7 – A $119 Android 4.0 tablet for kids

If you're in the market for a fun but cheap Android tablet for the kids this holiday season, we might have found one for you. The folks from Ematic, who are known for their budget friendly Android tablets, have just released their all new 7-inch Ematic FunTab for kids. We have all the details below on this cheap kids device.

Ematic launches new Funtab Pro tablet for kids

We're not sure how good of an idea it is to give your child a tablet, but we do know that if you're going to do so, it probably shouldn't be one of those fragile, expensive tablets aimed at adults. If you find yourself with a child who loves playing around with tablets but don't want to give them a slate that isn't anywhere near childproof, Ematic has a new device for you. Today the company launched the new Funtab Pro tablet, teaming up with to offer Zoodles Kids Mode on the 7-incher.

Oregon Scientific introduces MEEP! tablet designed just for kids

For parents who have children that constantly want to play with their tablet, MEEP! has a solution that could be perfect. Instead of risking your children messing up your precious device, you can snag a MEEP! tablet for them and let them go nuts. It is available now for $149 from most major retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy and plenty of others. The MEEP! has a rugged design that is perfect for kids. Kids are not always known for being gentle on their toys and other devices, so a tough tablet is necessary for them. It has a silicon bumper that runs around the whole device, which helps it handle the drops and rigors of being used by a child. It also has a recessed screen, which should help prevent cracks and damage. The screen is also built stronger, so it should resist cracking when dropped. The device has a tweaked version of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 installed. Its interface is designed to be easy enough for kids to navigate without help. Parents can control the device from any browser and restrict the content their kids can use, as well as whitelist and blacklist certain content. They can also limit usage time from the cloud-based control center. The device comes preinstalled with some great, child-friendly content. These include Angry Birds, UNO, Toon Goggles, art and learning apps. There is also a special store where kids can download apps for free and with MEEP! coins, which parents provide them. Parents can also use the remote feature to add apps using Google Play. The device includes 4GB of storage for games, photos or videos taken with the built-in camera, and books.

Fuhu Nabi 2 tablet available for pre-order, launching July 22

The Fuhu Nabi 2 tablet is on the way to stores, and it's got your children square in its sights. It's available for pre-order now from sites like Wal-Mart, GameStop, and Best Buy, with it scheduled to launch at Target on July 22. The tablet, which it targeted at tiny humans, also comes with a tiny price: $199.

Archos Child Pad packs Ice Cream Sandwich… and Chipmunks

The resurgence of Alvin and the Chipmunks is baffling. It's always been a bit of a cringe-inducing franchise, but the trio of CG-live action movies has been grade-A adult repellent for five years now. Even so, kids seem to love them - to the tune of about 1.1 billion dollars international gross across three movies. This being the case, it's hard to blame Archos for wanting to get in on the action with their new ARNOVA Child Pad, which ties into the home video release of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. Sigh.

Kurio is the latest kid-friendly Android tablet

Kids are lucky these days. When I was growing up, I had to drag my Sega Genesis to my friend's house and plug it into a 100-pound CRT television to play with electronics. Uphill, in the snow, barefoot, both ways. Now kids get apps and even entire tablets all to themselves. The latest contender for the pint-sized crown is the Kurio line of tablets from Inspiration Works. Pocket Lint reports that the 7, 8 and 10-inch tablets use a combination of custom software and (yes!) Google's apps including the Android Market, running over Gingerbread. The tablets can manage profiles for up to eight children at a time.

For the kids: Toys ‘R’ Us Reveals $200 Nabi tablet

Kids love smartphones and tablets. If you've ever taken your six-year-old to dinner and whipped out your smartphone, you know this to be true. The combination of a shiny gadget and a touchscreen is irresistible. But handing over $700 worth of HTC Jetstream to tiny hands that have been known to destroy anything that they can touch is a hard prospect indeed. Enter the Nabi, a safe, kid-friendly tablet from Toys 'R' Us designed to allow the youngins to have their fun while you keep your peace of mind.
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