Omate TrueSmart teaser video takes Android for a spin

Omate seems to have slowed down on the TrueSmart updates since the Kickstarter came to an end, however judging from this latest video, it looks like they have been making some progress. We know the watch will be running a full version of Android. In this case Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, however we suspect some are concerned with how that may translate to the 1.54-inch 240 x 240 display.

GameStick reaches the FCC, launch hopefully imminent

Eager backers who supported the long overdue GameStick Android gaming console are probably at their wits' end from all the hoping and waiting. The torture might soon be over as the device just passed through the FCC, one of the last steps needed before it finally gets shipped to its remaining fans.

STEM System motion tracker adds Android goal to Kickstarter bid

Many game and software projects in the site crowdfunding platform Kickstarter tack on support for mobile platforms only after reaching a certain amount of funds, and Sixense is definitely no different. The group has promised to bring in Android and iOS support to their motion tracking system if the amount of pledges reaches $700,000, almost three times the original campaign goal.

Pebble smartwatch arriving with AT&T this weekend

The Pebble smartwatch had a rather successful run on Kickstarter. Those watches then arrived for direct sales from Pebble and with big box retailer Best Buy. And moving forward, it looks like the Pebble will soon be available with AT&T. In fact, AT&T has announced they will be the "exclusive carrier" for the Pebble. The watch will be available beginning this weekend.

OUYA changes the rules of “Free the Games” program

Responding to the flak that it is receiving over its developer program, OUYA is announcing some changes to the policies and requirements to be eligible for the fund-matching benefits. This is to ensure that previous scandals that have occurred will no longer be possible, giving a fair chance to everyone interested in joining.

Pressy surpases latest stretch goal, adds Pressy-to-Talk feature

Pressy launched as a Kickstarter campaign several weeks back and it looks like they have not only surpassed the initial goal, but also topped the $500,000 stretch goal. The campaign currently has 26 days remaining and have raised $525,589 towards that initial goal of $40,000. As to what the $500k stretch goal means -- push-to-talk capability.

Omate TrueSmart detailed in final-design hardware

The latest Omate TrueSmart teaser video has been released. We have been seeing quite a few updates and videos from the folks at Omate since the Kickstarter campaign launched a few weeks earlier, however this one arrives with a bit more to get excited about. Well, for those who backed the project to get excited about anyway. That said, this video is offering a look at the first working model.

OUYA getting backlash with the “Free the Games” fund

OUYA first announced the "Free the Games" fund back in mid-July. The program was created to entice developers to bring games to the OUYA platform and later launched in August. The idea seemed simple enough, OUYA would match funds (up to $1 million) for game developers that launched and successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign with at least $50,000 in funding. Anyway, it seems a few of those participating in the fund were not playing entirely by the rules.

Omate TrueSmart spec bump increases RAM and internal storage

It looks like the folks behind the Omate TrueSmart watch have once again returned with details of upgraded specs. The Omate team has been rather good in terms of providing status updates to the Kickstarter backers and this latest update follows right along with the earlier update regarding 1GB of RAM. Moving forward, those choosing to back the TrueSmart on Kickstarter will be able to get the watch with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.
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