Phree smart pen lets you turn the world into one big paper

You're in a conference and taking notes on paper may be how you're used to doing it, but making them digital is such a pain. You want to sketch that beautiful scenery in front of you, but using your finger on your tablet is just not enough. You need to write down a phone number or address, but for one reason or another, you can't bring out your phone and you know if you write it on paper, you'll lose it. A new Kickstarter project is trying to help you solve those problems.

Cut your charging time by almost half with USB ChargeDoubler

Charging our mobile devices quickly is always a major concern for the digital natives, especially the ones who are always on the go. So any new gadget or accessory that promises to make things easier for us in this aspect always catches our eye. A new Kickstarter project called USB ChargeDoubler is pretty self-explanatory, as it brings faster charging power to our mobile devices when you connect it to a computer, power bank or wall outlet using this tiny, portable USB cable.

Better Re turns old, functioning batteries into power banks

If you change smartphones every year or every time a new shinier thing come along (and if you don't sell or give away your old phones), you probably have a lot of still functioning products lying around your house. A new Kickstarter project wants your batteries to not go to waste and in fact, be of use to you and your current smartphone. The Better Re will turn those old batteries into power banks that will give extra power, especially when you travel.

Rockioo is a stand-alone smartwatch for exercise enthusiasts

There are a lot of various smartwatches in the market now, and the recent entry of the Apple Watch has made it even more competitive and crowded. A new Kickstarter project is attempting to capture a part of the pie with its stand-alone design and features that will appeal to the exercise enthusiast and the outdoor fanatic. Does the Rockioo Watch have what it takes to go head to head with various smartwatches and fitness wearables in the market?

Bricwave Xpress combines a fast charger with a flash drive

Many people don’t go anywhere without a flash drive of some sort on them so they can save and share data when needed. It would be nice to have a fast charger for your mobile phone on you at all times too, but few of us want to have one more thing we have to carry. The Bricwave Xpress combines a flash drive and a fast mobile phone charger into one device making it easy to have both on you at all times.

HearNotes brings wirefree joy to your earbuds

Those who love to listen to music on their mobile devices always have an ongoing tussle with their earphones, headphones, earbuds, or whatever it is they use to listen to their favorite songs. The wireless aren't really wireless, and the bluetooth headsets/earbuds aren't that great for sound tripping. A new Kickstarter project claims that it will solve all your wired problems by bringing you a truly wire free earbud experience with their HearNotes Premium WireFree Earbuds.

Wearality Sky offers new, limitless virtual reality experience

The virtual reality gaming experience may still be in its early stages but a lot of companies and startups are trying to enter the game. We've seen several VR headsets already from Google, Samsung, HTC, Merge Labs, and LG. Other headsets have yet to become a reality and I'm sure they will be joined by more concepts and Kickstarter projects like this one from the Wearality team.

Nexpaq is the first ever modular smartphone case

The Project Ara is still on but some geeks are getting impatient with it. While waiting for the modular smartphone, a group of guys went to Kickstarter to introduce a new phone case that features several modules just like the Project Ara phone. Called as the nexpaq, this protective case is the first truly modular smartphone case that allows the user to be in control.

Revolar is a gadget that aims to ensure your personal safety

Gadgets are known to have made our life both easier and more complicated at the same time. But not many can say that they can actually contribute to ensuring the personal safety of its users. A new Kickstarter project called Revolar aims to do that, inspired by the developer's sister's personal experiences, and aiming to be a simple but extremely useful digital tool for those moments when users feel that their safety is in danger and they have limited ways to connect with their loved ones.
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