Wallee M Kickstarter is an awesome modular case for the Galaxy Nexus

Kickstarter has some great projects in the mobile space, and a lot of them are for nifty accessories you'd be unlikely to see anywhere else - check the Pebble Smart Watch for an exception. But finally there's a worthy case we can get behind, because the creators have wisely decided to include both the Galaxy Necus and the Galaxy S II in their support. If you're looking for a unique and certifiably awesome dock for your desk or car, check out Wallee.

Chameleon launcher gives early access to Kickstarter donors

There's a ton of launchers available at the moment, but depressingly few are for Android tablets (with Go Launcher HD being the best among them). Chameleon is a new tablet launcher that uses an impressive methodology: its layout changes depending upon the time of day, connection, or even GPS location, catering itself to which apps you use in which situations. Like seemingly everybody these days, the creators have started a Kickstarter campaign to get Chameleon finished and into the Google Play Store.

Kickstarter: Trigger Happy turns Android into a DSLR wizard

Professional photographers and enthusiasts know how essential a solid trigger system is for a successful shoot. We've seen versions of remotes for smartphones before, but most of them are limited to one or two DSLR cameras, and don't add much more functionality than a standard button. Enter Trigger Happy, a smash-hit Kickstarter project that received its full funding today. Trigger Happy is a physical cable adapter and app combo that can control pretty much every function of your DSLR.

Double Fine Adventure headed to Android

If you've been following the gaming world for the last few weeks, no doubt you've heard about Double Fine Adventure, the new point-and-click project from beloved indie developers Double Fine. What's notable about the project is that they're skipping the publisher model all together and getting funding directly from fans, with the help of KickStarter. There was so much money donated that they blew past their $400,000 goal almost immediately, and are currently sitting on almost two million dollars for the project. That being the case, they've decided to expand the game to both Android and iOS platforms.
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