10Terra Nexus 7 Bamboo cases available now

For all those Nexus 7 owners that want a durable case to protect their tablet, yet want it looking classy and awesome at the same time we have a case just for you. It might not be the most functional option available or protect the screen, but the 10Terra Eco-friendly pure Bamboo version for the Nexus 7 are available now. More details on these awesome hand-finished cases below.

PhoneJoy Play smartphone game controller on Kickstarter

One type of smartphone accessory that people always seem to want is a good game controller with developer support. For most games, on-screen buttons can get the job done, but in almost all situations, physical buttons make for a better experience. A new device called PhoneJoy Play has hit Kickstarter, and it's a controller that supports almost any device you can think of.

OUYA dev consoles arrive on December 28

It's been a while since we heard from our old friends at OUYA. Ever since the Kickstarter campaign for the Android gaming console came to an end, things have been pretty silent on the OUYA front. That all changed today, with the OUYA team delivering a major announcement: OUYA dev consoles will be shipping out on December 28, which just so happens to be one month from now.

OUYA now available for pre-order

The Kickstarter campaign for OUYA wrapped up earlier this morning, bringing in a grand total of $8,596,475 in funding from 63,416 backers. A mind-numbing figure to be sure, but now it's time for the OUYA team to get to work on bringing this Android-based console to market. They haven't wasted any time either, as OUYA pre-orders are now available through the official site.

OUYA games listed, support for XBMC announced

We've entered the final hours of OUYA's Kickstarter, and with the clock winding down, the OUYA team has made a couple exciting announcements. First and foremost, the team shared some new renders of the console, and as it turns out, OUYA is very tiny. Of course, we weren't expecting it to be massive since it won't use any discs, but we weren't quite expecting it to be this compact either. Have a look below.

iHeartRadio bringing its streaming service to OUYA

With just five days left to go before the Kickstarter campaign for OUYA comes to a close, OUYA has announced a new partnership with radio streaming service iHeartRadio. Previously, the OUYA team revealed that the console will offer streaming games through OnLive, and now it sounds the multimedia onslaught is nearly complete thanks to this new deal with iHeartRadio. Now we just need OUYA to announce partnerships with the likes of Hulu Plus and Netflix and we'll be set.

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy III for OUYA

Just 8 more days to go until the Kickstarter for OUYA wraps up! Are you getting excited? Square Enix apparently is, as the company has announced a version of Final Fantasy III for OUYA. This will be mostly the same as the revamped Final Fantasy III we saw on Nintendo DS back in 2006 (and later on Android), but with a few key differences. It'll also be available on OUYA from day one, so how's that for a launch day announcement?

Android telepresence robot Botiful introduced on Kickstarter

Move over OUYA, because today we've got another Android-based Kickstarter to talk about. Its name is Botiful, and its looking to infuse a little personality into those Skype video calls you make with your Android phone. Botiful is being touted as the "first consumer telepresence robot," and by docking an Android phone on the robot (and using the special Skype interface), it allows users on the other end to choose what they're looking at. For example, if you're talking to someone who is using a Botiful, you're given control over their robot, so you can remotely control what the robot does and who the focus is on.

Robert Bowling to provide first exclusive game for OUYA

Yesterday we learned that OUYA has former Kindle developer Muffi Ghadiali working on the project, but today we get a bombshell of an entirely different nature. Robert Bowling (of Call of Duty fame) has announced that his freshly-formed studio, Robotoki, will be supplying OUYA with its first exclusive game: an episodic prequel to Robotoki's upcoming game Human Element. Human Element is a post-apocalyptic zombie game set for release in 2015, and hearing Bowling describe it, this episodic prequel sounds like it will take place years and years before the events in the main game.
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