Securifi Almond+ wireless smart router Kickstarter launches

Securifi was showing off the Almond+ Wireless Smart Router during CES, and as of today, they have officially launched as a Kickstarter offering. Those interested will be able to pledge their support in hopes that the project gets fully funded and produced. That being said, the Securifi Almond+ project has a goal of $250,000 and pledging options starting at just under $100.

GameStick Kickstarter disappears due to IP dispute [Update]

The GameStick Kickstarter campaign launched earlier in the month and immediately captured some attention. In fact, within the first 30 hours they managed to reach their initial $100,000 funding goal. And we say initial because they later added some additional perks for higher funding levels. But all that may not be important at this time as the GameStick Kickstarter page has recently disappeared.

GameStick console to get extra features as Kickstarter meets funding goals

The GameStick launched earlier in the month as a Kickstarter campaign and quickly captured some attention. The game console quickly rose above the $100,000 goal and is currently sitting at $274,864 with another 22 days left. To be specific, they actually reached that $100k goal in about 30 hours. So with the initial goal being meet -- what is a company to do to attract some additional attention.

MobileMount+ now seeking funding on Kickstarter

If you've ever wished you could attach your phone to a tripod or have a simple-yet-effective stand for your tablet, then you might want to head over to Kickstarter and toss a few dollars at the MobileMount+. We've heard of the MobileMount before, with the original netting more than $100,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, but now it's time for the MobileMount+ to shine. MobileMount+ is comprised of two suction cups and one threaded 1/4" 20 ball joint, meaning that simplicity is key here.

10Terra Nexus 7 Bamboo cases available now

For all those Nexus 7 owners that want a durable case to protect their tablet, yet want it looking classy and awesome at the same time we have a case just for you. It might not be the most functional option available or protect the screen, but the 10Terra Eco-friendly pure Bamboo version for the Nexus 7 are available now. More details on these awesome hand-finished cases below.

PhoneJoy Play smartphone game controller on Kickstarter

One type of smartphone accessory that people always seem to want is a good game controller with developer support. For most games, on-screen buttons can get the job done, but in almost all situations, physical buttons make for a better experience. A new device called PhoneJoy Play has hit Kickstarter, and it's a controller that supports almost any device you can think of.

OUYA dev consoles arrive on December 28

It's been a while since we heard from our old friends at OUYA. Ever since the Kickstarter campaign for the Android gaming console came to an end, things have been pretty silent on the OUYA front. That all changed today, with the OUYA team delivering a major announcement: OUYA dev consoles will be shipping out on December 28, which just so happens to be one month from now.

OUYA now available for pre-order

The Kickstarter campaign for OUYA wrapped up earlier this morning, bringing in a grand total of $8,596,475 in funding from 63,416 backers. A mind-numbing figure to be sure, but now it's time for the OUYA team to get to work on bringing this Android-based console to market. They haven't wasted any time either, as OUYA pre-orders are now available through the official site.
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