HELIX: Bluetooth headphones you can wear on your wrist

A pair of headphones can always be improved and there's no stopping people from coming up with their own innovations. It's probably one device that I don't really care about as long as audio quality is good. Sometimes, I really can't tell the difference but I want crisp and clear sounds booming into my ears. And so this pair of Helix wearable headphones has caught my attention with its unique and stylish form.

Znaps is a reversible, magnetic smartphone connector adapter

All of us have probably dealt with these things in one way or another: frayed cables, tripping on wires while charging, accidentally destroying the charging/data port of your smartphone. And when you look at Apple’s MagSafe power cord adaptor, you’ve probably wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone invented something like that for other devices?” Well, someone just did, and soon we’ll have Znaps, a magnetic connector adaptor that can be used either for lightning or micro USB ports.

Power Tube is more than just a portable charger

You probably think your power bank is such a lifesaver. It is but honestly, I don't have one yet. I haven't decided which brand and model to buy because there are just too many choices. I'd probably wait for this Power Tube, a smart portable battery project on Kickstarter that not only charges the phone but also analyzes battery health and works as a PowerPoint slide controller and even as a selfie shutter.

Charge your smartphone through fire and water with Candle Charger

When power outages happen, what is your first concern? Is it the fact that you can’t use appliances like coffee maker, dishwasher, blender, or even television sets? Of course not! We’re pretty sure almost everyone’s first reaction would be “Crap, I didn’t charge my smartphone!”. But even if you did charge your phone, the battery would eventually drain. And solar chargers will become useless at night. Hand crank generators (yes they exist) can only produce minimal power. A new Kickstarter project called Candle Charger will only require you to have water and a candle so you can charge your smartphone.

Print whatever you want from your smartphone on droPrinter

Lately, we’ve had some products come out, from both crowdfunding projects and even from major brands, that allow us to print pictures from our smartphones or tablets. But what if what you want to print is not a picture and you wouldn’t want to waste ink and photo paper on a list or a receipt or a few words? droPrinter may be the solution to this problem, as it calls itself the "world’s first smart-phone-printer”.

Remix Mini is a ‘true’ Android PC, looking for your funding support

A lot of people have played around with the idea of Android as a working operating system in a PC-like environment, complete with keyboard and mouse support, resizable windows, a taskbar and all that. But very few have come close to executing it where it actually works. Is the Remix Mini – now up on Kickstarter campaigning for crowdfunding support – the Android PC that we all deserve?

Baubax jacket can solve your travel woes in 15 different ways 

Did you hear about that boy band singer who collapsed during his flight from heat exhaustion because he wore 12 layers of clothes just to avoid buying excess baggage fees? Well there’s no cure for stupidity yet, but a new Kickstarter project is looking to bring you a slight solution to storage and other things when you’re traveling and it’s not luggage. Meet the Baubax jacket, which says it is the world’s best travel jacket as it has 15 different functions.

Solar Paper is World’s First paper-thin, ultra lightweight Solar Charger

I've always imagined living in a community where everything is sustainable, eco-friendly, and solar-powered. While it may be long before that dream becomes a reality, I know solar technology will go a long way as it is rapidly expanding nowadays. Solar charging isn't exactly new but it can still be expensive these days. You don't need to buy a huge solar panel just to power your gadgets at home because there are devs and designers that are already working on smaller and cheaper versions. Take for example this Solar Paper, a new project by Yolk that is currently listed on Kickstarter.

Enjoy the world’s smallest bluetooth headset in your ear with Dot

Just a little over a year ago, we told you about a Kickstarter project that said it was the world's smallest Bluetooth earbuds in the market. Well, we have another crowd-sourced device and it can now lay claim to that title. The Dot is now the world's smallest Bluetooth headset available (or soon to be available) and it claims that the sound quality is just as good, and maybe even better, than the headsets that are in the market today.

Travel in digital style with “smart” Space Case 1

You knew this day was coming. With everything else you're wearing or things around you turning into smart, connected devices, it was only a matter of time before even your suitcase would have to go digital. A Kickstarter campaign is raring to bring you their Space Case 1, which claims to be the "world's most advanced suitcase". It just doesn't serve as storage for your clothes and other things, but it can also be a speaker phone, a power bank, an anti-theft detector, and most of all, you won't lose it. Hopefully.
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