Fishbone Charging Station helps bring order to your gadgets and wires

One of the most common problems facing people with multiple gadgets is always bringing order to their wires, power outlets and the devices themselves. If you live with other people, it becomes a war for the limited electrical outlets. If you lose the war, then you are forced to use your laptop or computer’s USB port which takes more time. And if you have multiple gadgets, the tendency is for all your wires to get criss-crossed. A new Kickstarter product called the Fishbone Charging Station tries to solve those problems for you.

Auris bluMe streams music to your old school speakers

Do you have old school speakers and classic audio equipment at home that have been gathering dust? Even though they probably still sound awesome, analog music sources are very few and far between so they have become practically useless. But a new Kickstarter project called Auris bluMe wants to bring back these equipment to life by giving them wireless streaming power. It aims to bring together the superior quality of these speakers with the modern convenience of Bluetooth.

AQUA Headphone Amplifier offers high sound quality without any battery

Headphones can still be updated. You may think that a simple pair is enough for audio and music listening but there are people who don't want to settle for anything less. Audiophiles want the best headphones as possible but because there are too many choices available in the market today, it may be quite a challenge to choose just one pair.

Firefox OS-based Matchstick out of Kickstarter soon, project being cancelled

Believe it or not, not all crowdfunded projects turn out to be successful. A few have already failed (so unfortunately), leaving not only the developers but also the backers heartbroken. It's not really so much about the money or profit loss but not being able to achieve success especially after we believe in a project's potential. But business is business and because of several reasons, the group behind Matchstick has decided to no longer push through with the project and refund all the money pledges given by the backers.

Bevel camera attachment brings Genuine 3D photography to your hands

You know, 3D imaging may be fun but it has not really took off as a standard. We've seen 3D movies, 3D TVs, 3D printers, 3D projectors already but we have yet to see if 3D phones will actually have a future. There are no full 3D smartphones yet, only with 3D features, but who says that you can't enjoy 3D photography right now on your phone? A Kickstarter project was recently launched that hopes to bring basic 3D photography to smartphones and tablets as a simple camera attachment.

HELIX: Bluetooth headphones you can wear on your wrist

A pair of headphones can always be improved and there's no stopping people from coming up with their own innovations. It's probably one device that I don't really care about as long as audio quality is good. Sometimes, I really can't tell the difference but I want crisp and clear sounds booming into my ears. And so this pair of Helix wearable headphones has caught my attention with its unique and stylish form.

Znaps is a reversible, magnetic smartphone connector adapter

All of us have probably dealt with these things in one way or another: frayed cables, tripping on wires while charging, accidentally destroying the charging/data port of your smartphone. And when you look at Apple’s MagSafe power cord adaptor, you’ve probably wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone invented something like that for other devices?” Well, someone just did, and soon we’ll have Znaps, a magnetic connector adaptor that can be used either for lightning or micro USB ports.

Power Tube is more than just a portable charger

You probably think your power bank is such a lifesaver. It is but honestly, I don't have one yet. I haven't decided which brand and model to buy because there are just too many choices. I'd probably wait for this Power Tube, a smart portable battery project on Kickstarter that not only charges the phone but also analyzes battery health and works as a PowerPoint slide controller and even as a selfie shutter.

Charge your smartphone through fire and water with Candle Charger

When power outages happen, what is your first concern? Is it the fact that you can’t use appliances like coffee maker, dishwasher, blender, or even television sets? Of course not! We’re pretty sure almost everyone’s first reaction would be “Crap, I didn’t charge my smartphone!”. But even if you did charge your phone, the battery would eventually drain. And solar chargers will become useless at night. Hand crank generators (yes they exist) can only produce minimal power. A new Kickstarter project called Candle Charger will only require you to have water and a candle so you can charge your smartphone.

Print whatever you want from your smartphone on droPrinter

Lately, we’ve had some products come out, from both crowdfunding projects and even from major brands, that allow us to print pictures from our smartphones or tablets. But what if what you want to print is not a picture and you wouldn’t want to waste ink and photo paper on a list or a receipt or a few words? droPrinter may be the solution to this problem, as it calls itself the "world’s first smart-phone-printer”.
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