Siine Keyboard for Android released – icons make texting even easier

Custom keyboards are nothing new in Android although it seems like many offer similar functions, change themes, or simply suggest words faster than others. Today we have a brand new keyboard for Android called Siine that was just released and actually has some innovative and new features that had me extremely impressed. Check out the images below, and the video demonstration really shows how neat this keyboard can be when using familiar icons to type faster.

Swype Beta 3.25 Now Available with Copy/Paste Features and more [Video]

Today the latest version of the popular Swype keyboard for Android has been released to beta testers. While many have probably seen or heard about it already I'll be posting the videos below for you all to see the new features in action. The update is available right now over at the Swype's beta webpage and so far I'm actually really liking the copy and paste features as well as gestures.

MessagEase Android keyboard up for free download

Text entry on Android devices has another option today, with the release of MessagEase.  A free download from the Android Market, MessagEase shrinks the keyboard down to a cluster of gesture-controlled keys which can be triggered with a single finger. Exideas, the company behind the alternative keyboard, reckons that makes it handy for single-handed use. Press Release:
Disruptive Virtual Keyboard for Androids, iPhones, and Tablets Belmont, CA, October 13, 2010 Exideas has just released its patented virtual keyboard for Android Phones. Previously available for the iPhone, MessagEase is now available as a free download from Android’s Market. MessagEase is a novel and disruptive virtual keyboard, designed and optimized for faster and more convenient text entry on small touch screens. Because it has fewer and larger keys, MessagEase can be operated with one hand, or one finger. “People find on-screen QWERTY keyboards frustratingly error-prone and slow. They spend much of their time correcting their mistypes caused by tiny keys,” said Saied Nesbat, Ph.D., President and CEO of Exideas. “MessagEase keyboard, on the other hand, has larger keys, takes only a small area, and empowers people to enter text accurately and comfortably.” MessagEase also offers a unique and unrivalled advantage for the tablet computers and Internet TVs. Since MessagEase requires a relatively small screen area, text entry with a finger or a mouse is much more convenient and optimized. Already productized and available for the iPhone, Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs and Palms, and now available for Android, MessagEase enjoys tens of thousands of dedicated users. The Technology: MessagEase letters are assigned to minimize finger movement. Full explanation of letter and di-gram frequency optimization is included in: Availability: MessagEase is currently available for Android and iPhone devices as free apps. The Android version is available from the download from the Android Market market://search?q=pname:com.exideas.mekb (or QR link to the right); the iPhone version is available from Apple’s App store.

Sharp ISO1 Android Smartbook – Video

At the end of last month we told you about Sharp’s plans to offer two Android MID’s with full QWERTY keyboards. Specs and pictures are here. Recently, two videos surfaced with these new devices in action. This video was posted by Gigazine. [youtube][/youtube]

ThickButtons arrives on Android Market

A new soft keyboard for android has just been released. ThickButtons is now available in the Android Market.  This keyboard attempts to predict the next button you’re going to press and makes it bigger than the rest of the keys.