SwiftKey update brings holiday “Ice” theme and bug fixes

The latest SwiftKey update has arrived in the Play Store and as we sometimes see given the time of year, this one includes some holiday cheer. Specifically, the folks at SwiftKey have added a new theme called Ice. The overall color of the Ice theme is blue, however you will get a bit of something extra when you begin typing.

Google Keyboard updated, now gives the option for blue or white

One of the great things about Android are the keyboards. We can switch at-will, even choosing to swap in and out of third party keyboards if we like. With that diversity comes competition, leading even Google to respond by updating their stock offering. While as polarizing as any other keyboard, Google’s is pretty good -- maybe even the best.

Fleksy predictive keyboard hands-on

As we often discuss, Android users have quite a bit of options for customizations. That means the simple things such as being able to choose a default for certain activities to being able to load up alternative launchers and in this case, alternative keyboards. There isn't any shortage of options. Some of the more popular include SwiftKey and Swype, however we saw another drop the beta tag earlier this morning.

Google’s strange list of offensive words for the Android keyboard

Google’s Android keyboard will block offensive words for you, but it also has a few strange additions to that list. While some are pretty obvious, and not worth repeating, some are just not quite necessary. Even better, the autocorrect for some words is just as frustrating as the inclusion on the list.
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