Kairsoft’s latest Android game: Cafeteria Nipponica

You. Yes, you. Stop your giggling. "Nippon" is a dialect word for "Japan", and Kairsoft's latest Android game reflects that. Now that that's out of the way: noted Android RPG maker Kairsoft has teased its latest game for the platform, Cafeteria Nipponica, and it's set for release this Thursday. While the company didn't say much about the game itself, their history and the title should be more than enough to get the gist of it. There's no mention of whether the game will be released in English right away, but considering their habit of renaming games for the western market, it seems unlikely.

Game Dev Story creator makes you the mayor with Dungeon Village

As an avid gamer, you've no doubt passed through a thousand nameless tiny villages on your way to defeating the evil overlord, rescuing the princess, saving the realm and/or catching them all.  But what of the little people and the little lives that make up the background of your epic adventure? What daily struggles does the potion shop owner, the blacksmith or the fletcher face in their everyday quest to relieve passing adventurers of their gold? That's the question that Dungeon Village, available now on the Android Market Google Play, aims to answer.