Google reportedly hiring for Nexus call center

Could Google be looking to hire Android experts to get ready for the launch of their next Nexus device? If this ad discovered by Geek is to be believed, it looks like they are using Randstand Staffing to bring in a team of Android experts to staff a new call center. If this happens, this should help make the customer experience of purchasing Google's next Nexus device much more enjoyable. This ad calls for Android "afficianados [sic]" who are friendly and outgoing for a helpdesk level 1 position. It never mentions Google by name, but it does call out a "confidential client" that “recently unveil [sic] a new Android tablet.” The job is described as being a full-time on a six month contract with the option to extend later. One thing you may notice in that last paragraph is that I had to use [sic] twice because of typos in the ad. That makes me question the validity of the ad a bit. That being said, sources close to the situation are reporting that call center could open by the end of October, so it sounds like they may just have an ad writer with less than perfect spelling skills. The Nexus 7 tablet certainly annoyed some buyers with Google only offering two weeks of phone service. After that problems were sent to the ASUS, the device manufacture. We shall keep our eyes on this potential call center and let you know when hear something official. [via SlashGear]

Sony Mobile to layoff 1,000 employees over next two years

Dark days are ahead for some folks working at Sony Mobile, as today the Japanese company announced plans to layoff a total of 1,000 workers. Sony Mobile, as many of you will remember, was once the struggling Sony Ericsson, until Sony bought the company out earlier this year $1.3 billion. It sounds like Sony is having a difficult time getting the mobile division back on its feet, as it will have let 1,000 employees go by the time March 2014 rolls around.

Motorola laying off 20% of staff while refocusing efforts

The new Google-owned Motorola Mobility is getting ready to make some changes. Now that Google's finally earned full control after purchasing Motorola, they are ready to dig in and get started in their efforts. Google and Motorola are set to lay off roughly 4000 employees, nearly 20% of the staff as they prepare to refocus their mobile game and get back to winning. More details below.

Android Community Wants Writers! – UPDATE – Found!

Android Community is in search of a new writer (or two!) to join our team of dedicated Android news publishers. We're in search of seasoned writers who are flexible, confident in both research and execution, and have a passion for the Android platform.

Samsung Acclaim for US Cellular

Last week US Cellular announced the not only will they be carrying the HTC Desire but will offer a Samsung Android as well. At the time there was no picture of the device only a few specs. These specs included a full QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.1 and a 3.2-inch HGVA screen. Well, this phone looks like it has most of those requirements.

Digg for Android

Shortly after releasing their iPhone version, Digg has decided to give Android some love as well. the app is in the Android Market right now. Click this link from your device to get the app or scan the qr code below.