Jelly Bean

Paranoid Android drops Android 4.3 Preview ROM for Nexus 4 users

There are some obvious perks for those carrying and using a Nexus branded device. Perhaps the most talked about is the speed of updates. Google announced Android 4.3 a short time back and the update began rolling-out almost immediately. While getting the official updates is nice to see, the other side of these perks often means quick work when it comes to third party custom ROMs.

Pantech Discover getting Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

AT&T launched the Pantech Discover back in January. The handset dropped as a budget-friendly device and while the specs were more than acceptable for the $50 purchase price, there was the bit about Ice Cream Sandwich that was hard to overlook. With Android updates always uncertain, we couldn't help wondering when or if the Discover would get an update.

Android fragmentation report highlights Samsung’s dominance

The topic of Android fragmentation has once again returned. This time around the talk has come by way of the recently published Android Fragmentation Visualized report from OpenSignal. This report is taking a look at fragmentation as both a strength and weakness and while there is quite a bit of information available, we cannot help but overlook how this details the dominance of Samsung. But first, some other interesting numbers from the report.
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