Jelly Bean

Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE getting a taste of Jelly Bean

Today the folks from Samsung have just announced yet another device that is getting updated to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is one of many in a long line of recent updates from Samsung, and it's something we're glad to finally see. Samsung's been busy updating everything from the original Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, and now less popular devices like the Galaxy Victory.

HTC First Review

With the HTC First we've got what both HTC and Facebook are presenting as this year's Facebook Phone. While we've seen devices in the past with Facebook-centric bodies and with Facebook features added to their basic Android software experience, here with the HTC first we've got what both HTC and Facebook are very clearly saying is their hero environment for the mobile universe. This isn't just an HTC Salsa with a Facebook button attached - it's the first full embodiment of Facebook Home!

PSA: HTC first is a stock Jelly Bean phone with one simple tap

Yesterday Facebook and HTC finally announced their joint venture into another Facebook Phone, although this time it truly is more of a Facebook Phone than the previous failures. We've been seeing mixed feelings and reports on the entire idea, and it's safe to say we have our own doubts. However, there is one awesome fact about the HTC first. It runs stock Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean under the Facebook Home launcher.