Android 2.3 Gingerbread Ported to iPhone 3G [Video]

So, you've got a craving for a combination of the newest (not counting Honeycomb) Android OS, 2.3 Gingerbread, but you'd like it inside the body of an iPhone 3G? You're in to the jailbreaking, but you've thus been unable to slap Apple in the face with a working copy of the Android mobile operating system? Look no further, for some dude by the name of nickpack (and his pals) have brought that situation straight into the real world - and since it's working with the OpeniBoot project, it's able to keep iOS as well in a dual-boot configuration, giving you an iPhone body able to run both iOS AND Android 2.3 inside.

iPhone Users Now Require no Computer to Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo

All you'll need to do is jailbreak your phone and through Cydia grab a bit of the ol' Bootlace 2.1 app, and you're on your way to a dual-booting machine with both iOS and Android. The jailbreaking tools that are supported by Bootlace are: PwnageTool, Redsn0w, and Blackra1n. Of course I'm not going to link to those things because I imagine if you're resourceful and wild enough to be attempting to install Android on your iPhone, you've basically already had your iPhone jailbroken for forever.

ZodTTD developing a PSX emulator for Android

Those of you ex-iPhone users may be familiar with the name. He has been jailbreaking iPhone's for the longest and he's developed a few emulators for the platform.  ZodTTD is now working on bringing a Playstation emulator to Android. And he is partnering up with our current favorite Android emulator creator, yongzh. ZodTTD was likely persuaded to start work on Android after a petition was signed with 2,000 signatures from his fans requesting he bring his talents over to Android.

Porting Android to Palm Pre

We are still presumably months away from the launch of what’s hyped to be 2009’s hottest handset, the Palm Pre.  The timeframe hasn’t stopped a few, however, from beginning the port of Google’s open mobile OS, Android, to the newest must-have device. In fact, efforts to port Android's system to the OMAP 3 language (the processor architecture used in the Pre) have been ongoing since July of last year.  The biggest hurdles will be accessing the Pre’s low-level system, called the bootloader, to enable switching between its webOS and Android, and finding enough space to do it in Pre’s fixed 8GB of internal storage.

Regain root access of your G1 with leaked RC29 firmware

How many of you upgraded your T-Mobile G1 to the RC30 firmware only to find that you no longer had root access?  A member by the name of “chavonbravo over at the XDA-developers forum has gotten his hands on the uploaded image for the RC29 firmware. The process is quite simple, simply rename the file, copy it over to your microSD card, and run through the standard procedure for re0flashing your G1. This method has been tested and does indeed work but proceed with caution, as with all firmware hacking of any kind there are risks involved. Good luck to all those who are going to revert to a much easier hackable firmware. With this new method out there, how many of you are now going to slave away trying to regain control of your handset?

Jay Freeman successfully ports Debian for Android

Since the first day we heard about Google’s Android platform we have been waiting for the open source phone that allows us to customize it just as we like. It seems now that the first Android-powered handset has been released we have all been a bit disappointed. We have quickly been able to make progress with gaining root access on the T-Mobile G1. It seems just as quickly as we got root access, Google has come up with a way to prevent it. Jay Freeman (saurik), the man responsible for Cydia and many other amazing developments on the iPhone, has successfully gotten Debian running on the G1. Debian is a free open source OS that is usually used on a computer. Debian on the G1 will allow you to do a lot more than Android is allowing so far. The best part is that it will not at all affect your phones functionality. With this breakthrough it opens the door to so many opportunities, such as putting a video recording application on the G1. There are instructions for those of you who are brave enough to give it a try, you can find instructions on Jay Freeman’s site. [Via Saurik]

T-Mobile G1 jailbroken?

It looks like members of the XDA Developers forum have just found a way to gain root access to root of the T-mobile G1. There apparently is a loop hole in the PTerminal application that grants access. Right now you can download the PTerminal application from the Android Market. We are told you can use it to start a telnet connection with your G1 and computer. Many call this a jailbreak because it is the only known term for many. Gaining root access in the G1 opens the door for so many new hacks and even a task manager to end applications. No word yet on if the loophole will be patched up or not
  • Turn on your phone's WiFi. This gives your phone an IP you can reach it at.
  • Get to a command prompt on your device by using the PTerminal application from the Android Market. (adb shell does not seem to work with these instructions, telnetd does not start up)
  • cd system
  • cd bin
  • telnetd
  • netstat (get your phones IP)
  • telnet into your phone's IP from your PC
  • you now have roo
[Via XDA]