Rovio’s Amazon Connection will Change App Sales for Android Forever

If you've got your hand on the pulse of the developer community here in the Android world, you've got some sense that a maker of games can get a lot more cash in their pocket by giving away a game for free (with ad coverage all over it) than they can selling the game without ads. This is due in part to the market that's developed in the Android world, one where it's much more likely that a game will be popular and stay popular if it costs the consumer no currency*. All that may be about to change with Rovio's announcement that Angry Birds: RIO will be released on Amazon's new Android app market exclusively.

Android Market on pace to outgrow iTunes 3-1

According to a recent report by Lookout's App Genome Project, the number of Android Marketplace apps increased by over 125% since August, putting it on pace to outgrow iTunes apps three to one. Apple still commands a sizeable lead in the total number of apps it offers through iTunes versus AM, the gap is narrowing quickly.
"If apps continue to be developed for each platform at this same rate, said Lookout CTO Kevin Mahaffey, "the Android Market will have more apps than the Apple App Store by mid-2012."

ParkVu Music WithMe app brings iTunes playlists to Android

I would bet that there are many people out there that use Android smartphones and have gobs of music on an iTunes account that they would like to get on their Android device. If you are one of these folks a new app from ParkVu has surfaced called Music WithMe that will allow you to access your iTunes playlists on Android devices.

Google music store due to release this fall

Even with iTunes the primary music source, Google has been building on it's own music service. Possibly as early as this fall Google will have a system that allows you to download and stream music. It's been signaled by Google that they want to offer better music support to those with Google's Android.

Get your iTunes music on your phone with MP3tunes

Keeping all your iTunes music is a deciding factor for most potential Android users. iTunes has been around for years and many people use it as their main source of music storage.  Most people decide to stick with the iPhone just because of the iTunes integration. Now you can keep all your music in iTunes and sync them to your Android device thanks to MP3tunes.
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