Android beats iPhone in Facebook users

Earlier this month Facebook for Android was updated with a new look and apparently the update has worked out well. TechCrunch reports that Facebook on Android has more active users than Facebook on the iPhone daily. This is the first time the number of daily users on Android has been higher than the number of iPhone users.

T-Mobile pits the Amaze 4G against the iPhone 4S, Street Fighter style

It's a common enough argument: my phone is better than your phone. If you've got any friends who are particularly attached to their iPhones, you might hear it a lot. T-Mobile's out to end the debate, and they're not above using Scott Pilgrim-grade nostalgia to do it. Their latest anti-iPhone commercial pits their current flagship the HTC Amaze 4G against the iPhone 4S in a one-on-one battle to the death to the end of Round 1.

Quid pro quo: Motorola granted injunction against Apple in Germany

There are all sorts of appropriately snarky comments one could place here. But we'll stick to the facts, ma'am, just the facts: FOSS Patents reports that Motorola Mobility has been granted a preliminary sales injunction against Apple in Germany, based on one of its wireless communications patents. Unless Apple can get the ruling overturned or stayed, it may face a sales ban on the iPhone and iPad in that country.

Consumer Reports: iPhone 4S is OK, but can’t beat Android

Apple earned itself a black eye during the antenna debacle after the iPhone 4's launch, leading the highly respected Consumer Reports to recommend against purchasing the ubiquitous smartphone. (They didn't think they were holding it wrong.) Apple's solved its reception issues for the most part, and Consumer Reports has responded in kind, recommending the iPhone 4S to their readers - but not above high-end Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Motorola DROID BIONIC. The put-down is another blow for Apple, which continues to trail behind Android in market share.

iPhones dominate AT&T Q3 sales, but Android is catching up

For a long time, there was no real challenger to the iPhone's smartphone dominance. That all changed after Android started getting traction and the devices running the OS started to sell in droves. AT&T was the first of the iPhone carriers in the US and the iPhone still continues to be the most common smartphone sold on the network.

Espier Launcher temporarily cures iPhone envy

We give Apple a lot of grief here for outdated software, lackluster hardware, litigating for a monopoly, designing form over function, needlessly restricting their App Store, engineered obsolescence, hyperbolic marketing and... where was I? Oh yes, despite all that, Apple makes a fine-looking phone operating system. Many have tried and mostly failed to emulate the shiny, glossy look of iOS on Android, with possibly the best example being the custom ROM MIUI. If you're not quite ready to take the flashing step, consider the new Espier Launcher, which will let you ape Apple's darling design without lowering yourself to last year's hardware.

Siri alternatives for Android users

The only thing that was major about the unveiling of the iPhone 4S was the new Siri voice assistant service. All the other stuff about the iPhone 4S was just not that interesting. If you are on an Android phone and like the idea of Siri, several apps out there will give you similar features right now. Extremetech ran down the top five Android apps that are like Siri, see what you think of their choices.

Samsung steals some iPhone 4S thunder down under

Samsung figured it would take the chance to do a little scrapping out behind the gym with Apple with the iPhone 4S set to launch in Australia this week. Samsung set up a little pop up store right next door to the big Apple Store in Sydney and then offered the very nice Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone in limited quantities for $2. Apparently, the geeks in Australia were more interested in the Android smartphone than the iPhone 4S.