Apple Expected to Lose Case to Crush Android Amazon Appstore

So you're aware of the fact that the Amazon Appstore, which we've got a bit outline of for you in Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore, has the word "Appstore" in it, right? Apple knows this too, and thinks that they own it. Apple's legal department is and has been worried that the word Appstore might infringe on their trademark ownership on the term "App Store", a fight they've got to fight for every sort of infringement like this lest they loose the title for their very own - that's how the US legal department sees it. In this case though, it's become apparent today, Apple's case is being seen as moot.

Lou Ferrigno Cast as Android vs Steve Jobs as Himself via Facetime for Epic Smartphone Film

What in the world is going on here, you might ask? An art project created by some rather creative folks over at little-known UK Phone site MyPhoneDeals, one with a rather amazing looking bit of artwork and a creative story to go with it. Look at this magnificent vision of a war-torn London being bashed by none other than a head-shaved Steve Jobs and an Ice Cream Sandwich eating Android! Steve's for a lightening filled iCloud leaping through the air ready to crush the nonplussed Android with an Android logo printed on his front, and they're taking the whole city for a joyride in their mutual hatred for one another!

Angry Birds Seasons Next Update Dubbed Summer Pignic

As the title suggests, there will be another update to the brightest of all Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Seasons. This is a slight departure from the usual update string coming from said game as in the past they've mostly been official holidays, (or veiled references to those holidays, as it were,) this update being simply a lovely afternoon event in the sun. This update is sure to bring a couple new building bits, some new bonus points here and there, and of course some new hats for the piggies!

Nielson U.S. Smartphone Poll shows Android users still consume the most data

We have seen a few reports like this before basically saying that Android and its users are hungry for data and just so happen to use the most. This specific report mentions U.S. smartphone data usage based on Operating System and in this case Android is the clear leader as usual. Not only has mobile data jumped around 89% over the past year but Android and iOS continues to climb and climb.

ABC offers new Good Morning America app

I can remember growing up each morning before school my parents would be watching Good Morning America. The news show is still on today and if you are a fan, you will want to check out the new app that goes along with the show that ABC is debuting. The app was unveiled this week and allows the app user on an Android device or the iPhone to participate with the show. Using the app the user can vote live on the buzziest stories of the day and then see the real-time results of how their choices compare with others. The app can be downloaded free and it has GMA video clips that users can watch. "Now, viewers can be a part of the story and watch ‘Good Morning America’ wherever and whenever they want,” said James Goldston, Senior Executive Producer. ABC says that the new app is part of its ongoing commitment to providing users with interactive ways to be a part of the broadcast. I bet that lots of people will end up downloading the app and using it while drinking their morning coffee or eating breakfast.

Amazon Trade-In Beta now Live, Trade that iPhone for some Andy

It looks like Amazon is joining the likes of Best Buy, T-Mobile and others and are now offering a full trade-in program. The Trade-In Beta was explained in a little more detail today and you can see the full press release below. It looks like Amazon will be accepting things like Electronics, Books, DVD's, Games and more all for the trade-in program. I like this idea as I have plenty of old games I don't need, not to mention that iPod Touch that I never use now I have a 32GB MicroSD in my Android phone, and Google Music Beta to top that if needed.

Android beats iPhone for market share in Japan

Android and the iPhone are locked in a battle all around the world to see what OS is the most popular with users and which of them will grab the most of the market. For a long time the iPhone was ahead of Android in most places, but the tide is turning. Many reports have come out that show Android now ahead of the iPhone in several markets and the latest market for Android to take the lead is Japan. Android handsets have now overtaken the iPhone in market share for Japan reports Bloomberg.

Qik Video Connect adds cross-platform Android & iPhone video calls [Video]

Qik has launched the latest version of its video calling app, Qik Video Connect, promising cross-platform calls between Android and iOS devices. The new app - a free download - now allows you to see your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 2 owning friends as you mock them for not having the latest Android. There's also video mail, the ability to share videos with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites, and support for the front and rear facing cameras on most devices. Qik has also boosted video quality and reduced battery life impact, and some phones - Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy S, and Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G - will offer VGA quality streaming when done over WiFi. You'll need an Android 2.1 or above device in order to use the app - or of course an iOS device. Video mail is only free until June 1 2011, however, and will be a subscription service after that. [youtube ERvpp0fMyYs]

CloudTalk Social Network launching for Android

There's a new player in the social networking game and it promises to give a voice that 800 lb. Gorillas like Facebook and Twitter can't ... emotion. The service is called Cloud Talk, and it will be bringing to both Android and iPhone devices the ability to post voice posts, photos, videos, and if you must, text messages. The difference is, that instead of having people "follow" or "friend" you, users can invite others to join in the conversation. Then, they can either provide a voice, text, video reply in the thread.