AT&T Impulse 4G by Huawei Hands-on and Unboxing [Video]

It's time for Huawei to come in to the USA and crush all the competition! Sort of! In fact the device you're about to get a look at certainly isn't aiming to take out top-tier or bottom-tier devices any time soon, instead aiming for the relatively inexpensive mid-tier section of carrier devices, starting right where features phones leave off and smartphones begin. It is here that the $30 (with 2-year contract) Impulse 4G shines.

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO, Names Tim Cook the new Chief

Just breaking news this evening Steve Jobs has officially announced today that he will resign as the CEO of Apple. No this isn't a joke either. He has officially announced in an open letter to all board of directors and the entire Apple community that he will no longer be able to meet his duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO. I know we are all about Android, but this is big news.

Photovine Launches on iOS: Why not Android?

It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen, time when we've got to ask Google what the heck is going on, this time regarding a pretty awesome little social photography app by the name of Photovine. I just happen to have an iPad here, so I went ahead and checked the app out for all you non-adventurous types. Of course I was still working on the tiny iPhone-sized interface unless I wanted to have a pixel nightmare in front of me, so it was slim pickins for screen real-estate. Even so, Google's excellent new app Photovine's sweet nature shown through, and it's gotten me wondering why the heck it wasn't launched on Android instead of iOS.

Apple Sued by HTC Times Three

It appears that it's HTC's turn to sue, and the sued in this case is about to be Apple. HTC has filed a new lawsuit with the fruit-shaped company saying that they've infringed on three of HTC's patents, two of which were purchased by HTC back in April as they purchased the entirety of ADC Technologies. I'm not sure about you, but I think all this interest in patent cases has gotten a little out of hand - this sort of thing goes on all day every day, on all levels - why all the interest lately? Regardless, this set of suits has been filed in the US District Court of Delaware, Rueters reports, and has to do with iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad as well as iPods and Macs using a certain IP without permission.

GooApple 3G Handset Melds Android OS with iPhone 4 Perfectly [Video]

Oh China, you so crazy. You've got infinite knockoffs of excellent devices, and most of the time, that is most of the time as in 99.999% of the time your knockoffs are terrible. But once in a great while there's a diamond in the rough. Here it is, how convenient! The folks at brand-name GooApple have created an iPhone 4 knockoff so real, you'll flip your lid. And what's this, it's running iOS 4 as well? Actually no, not at all. Inside you'll find all the Android you can handle, in a perfectly simulated iOS environment. Experience the Apple device with Android in it and Android printed on the back with an Apple inside him. It's the knockoff of everyone's dreams!

Android return rate 30-40% on some handsets according to sources

I think that some of this is anecdotal, the more devices you ship the larger the number of returns due in part to sheer volume. With Android smartphones, shipping in larger volumes globally than the iPhone it would make more sense to some extent to see more returns on Android devices. TechCrunch reports that some sources are claiming that the return rate on some Android smartphones is many times that of the iPhone. TechCrunch pegs the return rate of the iPhone 4 at 1.7% counting the issues with the antenna. The return rate for some Android smartphones is pegged at as much as 30-40% according to sources familiar with the return rates for several manufacturers. The exact handsets or even the brands are not noted. I could see the return rate for some Android devices being quite high, especially some of the lower-end devices that people new to the platform might buy first and then find the device can’t do what they wanted it to do. I would like to know what devices have such a high return rate. [via TechCrunch]

Games are the most popular apps on Android

The latest data from Nielsen is in and it shows that the most popular type of mobile apps are video games for the Android platform and on iPhone too. I doubt that anyone will be surprised that games are the most popular apps. We would all probably rather play games than have to use some productivity app for work or school. Nielsen shows that the vast majority of app downloader are willing to pay for games.

comScore numbers show Android is still smartphone market leader by a big margin

The last time we talked about comScore numbers was in June and they showed what the market looked like in May. The new comScore report compares the growth in the segment for the quarter ending in May versus a three-month average for the ending in February 2011. The numbers found that the Android platform was the dominant OS on the market with 38.1% in the quarter ending in May 2011.

Android growth stalls as iPhone picks up according to report

Nielsen tracks just about every market there is to track in the tech world. The company tracks the smartphone and mobile market to see what OS is the most popular and show what devices are selling the best. The company has published a new report on the smartphone market and the report has Android sales slowing.