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HTC Thunderbolt launch delay by the iPad 2 confirmed

It seems that the launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon is once again slipping. But this time it isn't due to bad battery life or any other technical issue. We've been able to confirm what we reported yesterday that the delay is actually the fault of Apple and it's March 11th launch date for the iPad2. Apparently, it's problematic to launch two major platforms at the same time due to staff training. And since Apple's date isn't likely to slip, the Thunderbolt will have to wait.

Study: Nearly 70% CIOs to buy Tablets in 2011

Morgan Stanley strikes again with yet another interesting study which reflects the trend of CIOs planning to purchase tablet computers for employees in 2011. Over half of companies surveyed stated that they were either in the process of purchasing tablet computers or planning to by year's end. The trend shows that tablets are not only gaining traction, but reflect the belief by corporate America that they will make workers more efficient in their work.

Samsung Galaxy Tab costs $205 to build

We have just found out that Samsung builds their Galaxy Tabs for $205 in parts. The question is why are we paying $500+ for something that only costs $200 to create? Before you start cursing out Samsung, remember most companies do this including Apple who charges $600 for their iPhone which is estimated to cost around $200? Why do the companies do this?

Amazon Also Planning on releasing a tablet

Yesterday we covered Amazon’s apparent plans to venture into the App Store market, it was also said that they may be releasing a tablet soon after. Alongside the upcoming store will be a tablet release directly competing with the iPad, this of course, filling the gap that the Kindle has in competition with the famed Apple tablet.