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Apple and Samsung both infringe on each other’s patents, Korean court rules

Apple and Samsung may currently be engaged in a high-profile patent suit here in the States, but the companies are actually going to war all around the world. A similar case in South Korea has just wrapped up, with a Seoul court ruling that Apple and Samsung have infringed on each other's patents. What's worse is that Apple and Samsung are now banned from selling a variety of devices in South Korea, including the Galaxy S II for Samsung and the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for Apple.

Veyl ePillow is the perfect gift this Holiday season for tablet users

This awesome tablet accessory and stand is called the ePillow by Veyl Products and at first glance you might be thinking it's pretty wild. Although being able to take a comfortable pillow on the airplane that also doubles as the most ergonomic tablet stand at the same time is pretty ingenious -- even though the idea seems simple. The ePillow comes in tons of different colors and we have all the details and a short video below.

ASUS Transformer Prime vs iPad 2: Benchmark Wars

Well folks, someone had to do this and it might as well be us right? Today we present you with a few results from the battle of the cores with the ASUS Transformer Prime quad-core tablet vs the iPad 2. Now when comparing devices there is tons to talk about but we'll be keeping this short and focusing on a few benchmarks. These were some of the best tests available to test both devices. With different platforms, hardware, and operating systems this can only be so accurate -- but we figured you'd like to take a look so here's the results.

Best Buy Takes Tablets Seriously with Massive Floor Setting

Starting this week in earnest, Best Buy will be revolutionizing the way you see tablets. That is, they're dedicating quite a bit of floor space to the cause, and you're not going to be able to see the laptops and the desktop computers without first having to get through the tablet gallery. In a move that can only point toward one thing, Best Buy's suddenly shown their understanding of the way the market's turning, and turning quick. In addition, as I'm sure you've already guessed, the majority of these tables are Androids, or in the case of the Barnes & Noble tablets, have Android in them, and Best Buy has most of them in stock!

Samsung pokes at iPad 2 with new commercial says, “It’s time to Tab”

We all knew that the inevitable comparisons and mudslinging ads were coming when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 first surfaced. With the Tab 10.1 coming soon, the first mudslinging commercial from Samsung has landed pitting the tablet against the iPad 2. Samsung doesn’t say the tablet in some of the scenes in the commercial is the iPad 2, but we all recognize the iPad 2 and its smart cover when we see it. The commercial shows people watching others doing cool things with the Tab 10.1 and then buying one themselves.

Amazon Tablets Priced for Winter Holiday Season 2011

The leaks keep on leaking and the publishers keep on publishing when it comes to tablet news, and this Amazon situation is no special case! What we've spoken about last were a couple of code names for Amazon's supposed dueling-tablets, both the Coyote and the Hollywood tablet appearing to be legit names for their future 7-inch and 10-inch tablets respectively. Amazon is also supposedly adding some most-excellent processors in these bad boys: the Coyote getting NVIDIA's Tegra 2 dual-core chipset and the Hollywood getting the yet-unnamed codename "Kal-El" quad-core powerhouse also from NVIDIA.

Apple Retail Changes Create Community Space

Before I begin explaining what's going on here, lemme say that Apple is without a doubt Google's biggest competitor for the mobile OS world as we know it. Thusly it's important that we know what's going on at Apple stores specifically because the space that Apple creates for their whole product set is something that Android just does not have at this juncture. What's going on at the Apple store now is a few changes as far as how they work with and provide a nice environment for consumers who walk onto the floor.

Apple’s iOS has twice the reach of Android … for now

In result from a new study, Apple's iOS has twice the reach of Android in the US. But the results are a little deceiving as it focuses on iOS products which also include the iPad and iPod Touch. Factoring those in, Apple enjoys a user base of over 37 million, 59 percent higher than Android's user base of just under 24 million and only includes Android handsets and tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple's share of US mobile subscribers hovers around 16 percent, while Android subscribers are growing and are currently at around 10%, according to the comScore study.

Motorola XOOM 16GB Confirmed, Set to Compete with iPad 2

So all you XOOM fans out there with a hankering for a tiny monster the same size as your minimalistic iPad 2 Wifi-only 16GB, you're in luck! Our good pals at DroidLife have happened upon a screenshot from inside of what appears to be Verizon's network showing a Motorola XOOM 16GB that appears for now to be 3G, upgradable to 4G only. Now if only we could get this fancy little lady to be available for under $600 - or perhaps that's the situation!
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