iOS classic game iBomber hits the Google Play Store

If you're looking for a casual game to keep you busy this weekend, we have one worth checking out that has been played by millions and millions. It's called iBomber and is a hit iOS game that's been available for a long, long time. A few years too late the game is finally available on Android, but still loads of fun.

Android continues to grow as iOS and BlackBerry shrink

The latest market share numbers are in from Kantar and they are mostly what you would expect to hear. Android continues its steady growth, even if the growth rate for Android isn't exactly spectacular. The numbers also show that iOS has continued its steady decline.

IDC: Tablet shipments on the rise and will overtake PC shipments by 2014

The latest IDC report has been posted and it touches on the topic of the worldwide smart connected device market. IDC notes that this market had crossed 1 billion shipments in 2012 and it shows Apple as pulling in close to Samsung for the fourth quarter of the year. Perhaps more interesting for some, it is looking like a post-PC era is getting closer reality.

Hit iOS game Earn to Die crashes onto Android

Who's ready for some action-packed good old fashion zombie killing? The popular hit game from iOS and desktop PC's Earn to Die has just arrived this week for our Android smartphones and tablets. You'll be able to wreck and drive your way through the zombie apocalypse in no time. Read on for additional details, video, and links to this fun game.

RemotePlay allows you to share media between devices with ease

It's not such a difficult thing to share your favorite media between your Android smartphone and your Android tablet via text messages or e-mail. However, it can be a challenge if you want to do something like share your favorite video between your Android smartphone and something like an iPad. A new app has surfaced that promises to make that sort of sharing easier to accomplish.

Flurry: China overtakes US for total active Android and iOS devices

It was about a year ago when Flurry said that China had become the world's fastest growing smart device market, and as of today, it looks like China has now overtaken the US in terms of having the most active Android and iOS devices. This includes tablets as well as smartphones and the lead, while just barely, has gone to China.

Google Maps adds Ski Resort runs and lifts to help you hit the powder

Are you ready to grip some edges and hit the powder for a day of snowboarding or skiing at your favorite winter destination? Would you love a detailed map showing all the trails, runs, and even ski lifts for easy viewing on the go? Well say hello to the newest added feature to the always improving Google Maps. Today Google's announced new features to help you hit the fresh powder on the mountain top.

3DMark coming soon to Android – One benchmark for all mobile devices

We are no strangers to benchmark apps here at Android Community, as it's one of many different ways we test performance and battery life for powerful smartphones and tablets. One group many might not be as familiar with is FutureMark and their extremely popular PC suite of benchmark apps. Recently they've announced their brand new program simply called 3DMark, and it will be the ultimate cross-platform mobile benchmark application for Android and iOS.