iOS 5

Features you will instantly miss from a Galaxy Nexus once trying out the iPhone 4S

As many would agree, it's best to have an unbiased opinion to help the public see the truth in your word. And taking that to heart, I went out and purchased an iPhone 4S to get a better feel for its differences and similarities to Android. Sure, we've all messed around with an iPhone at a retail store - and after taking the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a spin it's instantly hard to reason with its pricetag. But the iPhone does so well, and people love it. This is why I needed to test it out for myself.

Google engineer tells us why iOS will remain more fluid than Android OS

We may be die-hard Android fans here at Android Community, but we've all at least given iOS a chance to shine its light. One of its best features is handling UI actions perfectly, thus leaving the user willing to wait for longer page loads. Over on Google+, Google engineering intern Andrew Munn explained to us precisely why Android OS will never be as fluid as iOS or Windows Phone 7 devices.

ASUS Transformer Prime vs iPad 2: Benchmark Wars

Well folks, someone had to do this and it might as well be us right? Today we present you with a few results from the battle of the cores with the ASUS Transformer Prime quad-core tablet vs the iPad 2. Now when comparing devices there is tons to talk about but we'll be keeping this short and focusing on a few benchmarks. These were some of the best tests available to test both devices. With different platforms, hardware, and operating systems this can only be so accurate -- but we figured you'd like to take a look so here's the results.

iOS 5 Functionality has Already Existed on Android

We've seen what a strong developer following has done for both Apple iOS and Google Android; it both promotes/protects the future of its existence and it makes the operating systems resilient to our fast paced technological society. Most importantly, it helps us realize that one company does not make a product great - and that it's only as great as the innovative pioneers that join their bandwagon. Though iOS 5 incorporates a wide variety of features, can we really consider them all new?