Scientists invent lithium ion battery overheating detection “system”

Every time you would see a news item about the battery of a smartphone or laptop burning up or even exploding during overheating, you get a little paranoid about your own devices. But what if someday, you would be assured that your battery itself would warn you that it is on the brink of being on dangerous heat levels? That is what scientists from Stanford University have been able to come up with now, a smart lithium ion battery that will give users enough warning before it overheats or even bursts into flames.

Qualcomm Spark launches – helps push boundaries of mobile computing

Today Qualcomm has just announced the release of a brand new mobile computing and technology site called Spark. This isn't an app for Android, or something that will be inside of HTC or other Qualcomm powered devices -- instead it's a place for creators to come and spark ideas, invent the unimaginable and more.

Motorola Droid Solves a Rubik’s Cube Thanks to LEGO Robot [Video]

It’s safe to say that we can file this under the totally cool category of robots. This little invention uses a Droid to solve a Rubik’s Cube. We’ve all tried to solve this thing and one point or another in our life and those of us that didn’t move the colored stickers around probably failed. This robot accomplishes the feat in a matter of seconds.

Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone making sweet music together – video

This may be one of the coolest inventions I’ve ever seen. A coder by the name of Steffest has managed to get these three OS’s to work together on a music app. The guitar looks cool also, it consists of a few of these phones strapped to it somehow and the music is made by pressing the various touch screens on the guitar.

The Philips GoGear Connect: player in Android 2.1

An Android 2.1 television? It seems the evolution of Android will extend past just being on various different mobile devices such as handset and netbook. There is also rumors that our favorite OS will end up on set top boxes and DVR's. This little invention by Phillips looks really intriguing.