Study: Your Internet provider may be cheating you

If you were to run Speedtest on your mobile device, you’d likely find that your WiFi connection isn’t quite what you pay for. A new study by Ookla, the team behind Speedtest, note who the biggest offenders are, as well as which providers may be giving you more bang for your buck. We also find information on where not to live if you enjoy great Internet connectivity.

Internet used by 87% of adults in US, 68% connect via mobile devices

A new study detailing Internet usage is out, providing interesting metrics regarding how and why we use the thing you’re reading this article on. A full 87% of adults in the US use the Internet, with a majority of that coming via mobile devices. Also interesting were views on whether the Internet was a good thing for us, or something we should likely avoid.

Artemis pCell technology promises wireless connectivity at fiber speeds

Mobile devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous. But with the surge in number of smartphones and tablets, on top of laptops and even home computers, the current network infrastructure is being overloaded beyond its capacity. Enter pCell from Artemis Networks, a new kind of wireless technology which, if proven to be successful, is nothing short of revolutionary.
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