Samsung working on satellite-based Internet connection

We don't know exactly what Samsung's plans are when it comes to improving the Internet connection all over the world but there's a document believed from the South Korean tech giant's head of R&D in Texas was spotted. The paper is said to present how Samsung is imagining satellites roaming around the Earth to provide mobile internet.

Google brings Internet to Sri Lanka through balloons with Loon 

A lot of us constantly complain that their Internet service provider is too slow or that they’re not getting their money’s worth with their mobile dat plan. While we are not saying we can’t complain (and we should of course, if they’re not giving what they promised), but we should also remember that there are people or countries who do not have Internet, let alone decent Internet, at all. Google now has a new project called Loon, and the first country that they’re bringing these Internet-laden balloons is Sri Lanka.

Find open hotspots with WifiMapper wherever you are in the world

I've always wanted something like this but maybe because there are just too many games and cool apps to feature, I haven't had the chance to look for one. This 'WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map' is one useful app that will help you find free WiFi hotspots all over the world. It's a database of open WiFi zones so you can be connected to the Internet all the time at no cost.

Roaming mobile charges will finally stop in Europe under “net neutrality”

After months of negotiations and back and forts, the European Union has agreed to remove the roaming charges that users accumulate as they travel overseas, and instead adopt a "net neutrality" standpoint. The "trilogue" between member nations, the European Parliament, and the Commission finally decided that two years from now, mobile users can freely use their respective carrier services whenever they travel to other member countries, instead of paying a fortune on top of their regular monthly service fees.

20GBs per second 5G network to make debut in 2018 Winter Olympics

While some countries still struggle actually getting 3G or 4G connectivity from their service providers, apparently, the age of 5G is almost upon us. Well, that is, if you live in South Korea. A 12-man delegation from their Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning went to the meeting of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in San Diego, and based on their suggestion, the organization agreed to define 5G as a 20 gigabits per second network.

Google expected to launch new wireless service tomorrow

As early as 2012, we learned that Google could be working on a wireless service and was rumored to be in partnership with Dish Network. However, the idea was soon debunked or was discontinued early on because according to a Google executive, regulations blocked the company from entering the phone service market. Google Fiber was launched the same year and still no sign of a wireless service until a year later when a similar rumor surfaced. And now, Google's wireless service is finally expected to launch tomorrow, April 23, Thursday.

Google scales up Project Loon to bring Internet access to everyone

Google's Project Loon first took flight in August 2013 from California and it has since been flying with colors. This project was first aimed to bring WiFi connectivity to Africa. As we all know, Google is serious about its plans to launch WiFi in emerging markets especially in developing countries. Meanwhile in the United States, Google is expanding Fiber to more cities. There's also that rumor that a cellular service is in the works and some more details about the Google Carrier project being leaked. All these information prove to us one thing: Google wants to bring Internet access to everyone.

Be protected online for life with this VPN Unlimited deal [DEALS]

You're probably tired of hearing it, but Internet security and privacy are those things that need to get hammered into everyone's consciousness repeatedly until they become second nature. But despite their importance, the inertia needed to get things rolling is still just as tough to overcome. Which is why deals like these, which give you a lifetime subscription of Internet protection via VPN Unlimited, are there to smoothen the road and sweeten the deal. It doesn't hurt that it is being offered at an equally smooth and sweet 70 percent discount.

Nigeria mobile operators could be imprisoned for poor service

Africa seems to be harsh when it comes to imposing prison sentences but the region, at least, the leaders simply want to bring quality mobile services as standard to African countries. Nigeria is the latest to be added to the list of countries imposing prison sentences on those mobile operators that fail to deliver quality services to customers.
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