Lenovo P90 smartphone hands-on

In addition to the VIBE X2 Pro unveiled today, Lenovo has announced their newest P90 smartphone. It’s the first smartphone to handle the combination of the newest 64-bit Quad Core Intel Atom Z3560 processor with Intel’s 5-mode XMM 7262 modem. The machine has a robust design that suggests a bold fashion statement to those who want a stylish phone.

Android Nation Stores now in India

Google didn't see fit to sit around and watch all the other big tier companies wander casually onto Indian soil (You know, the country with the second largest population in the world) and take up all their possible mobile sales, so they've decided to do something about it. In an effort to broaden the Android user-base and push sales of Android equipped devices in India, Google has taken the initiative to open their first store in New Delhi's Select CityWalk.

Google Music signs deals with European music publishers

Google has reached licensing deals with representatives of European music publishers, artists and composers. This deal will give Google Music access to 5.5 million musical works. These songs span a total of 35 countries, which opens up a ton of options for Google. The deal with Armonia, the alliance of French, Italian and Spanish licensing groups, is considered the broadest of its kind.

Verizon details new 100MB international data plan for $25

This new upcoming data plan from Verizon might not be a lot, especially if you're addicted to Facebook like some of my friends, but at least they are offering something. With the summer season approaching the picture below fits this new deal perfectly. If you are one that travels often, or are headed for some sandy beaches and warm sunny days this summer season you might want to look into Verizon's new 100MB international data plan.

Google Play Store mod removes location-based restrictions

Are you Slovenia's biggest Android fan, but bummed that you can't download apps that aren't available in your country? Then the latest mod from XDA might be right up your alley. XDA member Deeco7 has posted a modified version of the "Vending.apk" Google Play Store app file, with the aim of allowing anyone to download any app, regardless of their own location or the restrictions built into the app. The modified app works with Android 2.2 or later, and you don't even need root to install it.

Google Play Store adds 4 seller countries including Mexico and Israel

Android is still dominated by US users thanks to parent company Google's American focus, but things are getting better for international users, including developers. Today the Android team announced that developers in Mexico, Israel, Poland and the Czech Republic can apply for the Google Play Store and start submitting their apps. So felicitaciones, מזל טוב, gratulacje and gratulace, international devs. Get to it already!

Google TV adds international content channels

Google TV is still available in the US only, but if you're an immigrant or expatriate longing for the soothing TV shows of home, you're in luck. Google just announced via its Google TV blog that a host of international channels are being added to the Google Play Store, specifically designed for viewing on Google TV. All the new apps feature localized content for free... just not local to their respective nations. That's right, you still have to reside in the United States (or be pretty handy with a proxy) to get to any of it.

International users can get in on Google’s new Currents app with leaked APK

We're just now starting to get a peek into Google's new Flipboard-style news service, Currents, but unfortunately non-United States users can't download the app from the Android Market. Luckily, they don't have to: a kindly XDA-Developers member has posted a leaked version of the international app. It looks like just about anyone outside of the fifty states can get in on the action, so head on over there to give it a try.