instant messaging

Autodesk Instant group messaging app launches

The messaging service world is already crowded, but here's yet one more trying to squeeze its way in. But Autodesk Instant aims to be less of a personal or social networking service and instead tries to target the more tedious job of corralling everyone at work.

WhatsApp downplays reported security hole

It should perhaps surprise no one that WhatsApp would release a statement that washes its hands regarding a recently reported security flaw. One is left wondering, however, if there is any truth to the company's claims or if it's simply applying age-old damage control techniques.

Snapchat’s new security system thwarted in 30 minutes

In the wake of various security concerns, Snapchat created their own type of CAPTCHA. Rather than ask for a phrase to be used, theirs asks that we find their ghost mascot. It’s fun, and sounds like a pretty decent security feature. One Developer has cracked Snapchat’s new security puzzle, and did so in the time it takes to watch a SitCom.

Backchat is a fun messaging platform with serious undertones

If you think you’re secure in your online privacy, you’re probably not. While the slew of NSA leaks and revelations have opened our eyes to online security, one app is having a bit of fun with it. Backchat is an interesting game/messaging platform that entices you to guess who you’re speaking to — if you can.
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