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Keep in touch with other gamer friends with Curse messaging app

Hello gamers, you are not forgotten. In fact, most developers have you in mind because they know they can earn a lot of money from you. But this isn't about making more money. There's a new app released by the Curse developers. No, they're not placing a curse on anyone especially not you but they've just launched the Curse app.

New AirDroid update brings Telegram, Kik message reply support

Remember the AirDroid v3.1.3 update released last week? That version has a quick follow-up, adding support to Telegram and Kik when it comes to message reply. Sand Studio, the developer behind the app, has been working on message reply support for several instant messaging apps as requested by the avid users. The developers did their best but encountered some issues while working on Hangouts, Viber, and Line.

Skype for Web already available worldwide, still in Beta

We all know that the Skype team has been working on a Web version of the popular instant messaging software. It's almost ready but it's still in beta form. The Skype for Web (Beta) can now be accessed and used by anyone from anywhere in the world. It's also supported in several languages so you can be sure there's one version right for you.

Google employee says Hangouts isn’t secure, wiretapping likely to happen

Whether you like it or not, some Google products and services are really prone to hacks and security can be compromised. For one, the Android mobile platform is susceptible to hackers but the tech giant is doing everything to keep the bad geeks away. And for those who use Hangouts, know that the program doesn't use end-to-end encryption. This is according to a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread where a Google employee was challenged to share how secure Hangouts is.

Slack brings all team communication in one place

There are a lot of instant messaging apps available for businesses today. It's not just Skype and Hangouts being used in the offices as there are other newer and better solutions ready for download on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. One of those making the world smaller than ever is Slack. It's a new messaging program that is easily accessible from any device.

Google working on GMeet, could be a new telemeeting platform for businesses

The dawn of the Internet has brought instant messaging platforms and mobile technology to the business enterprise. Before, traveling from one city to another or from one country to another was required so people could meet with other colleagues and possible business partners. Now, you can just call the other person or set up a meeting over on Skype or Google Hangouts. Believe it or not, some people rely on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, or Viber to connect with other business partners.

Disa to unite your messaging, comm services in one place

There are numerous instant messaging and messenger apps available for mobile devices but I know are clamouring for a more all-in-one messenger. Looks like Disa will be that one app to unite all your communication and messaging services right on your mobile device. This app reduces the clutter on your phone as it brings all messages in just one location. Some of the apps you can access include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube among others.

LINE update: design updates, option for public timeline posts

While free messaging app LINE remains primarily a way for you to converse with your friends and loved ones, each update brings with it new features that change the landscape a little bit to more than just exchanging messages. The newest update now gives you the option to make public your timeline posts, which gives the app a bit of a social network vibe, while still maintaining some sort of privacy, if you choose to do so.

Blinq keeps you updated with people you’re chatting with

Probably all of us who are living in the digital, mobile world, has experienced this at one point or another. You're chatting with a colleague, acquaintance, or friend, when you suddenly realized you're missing some information about them, and so you have to go to their social networks (if you're connected) to look for that crucial piece. It's sometimes a hassle to move from your conversation to searching for information, so an app will make things easier for you. Welcome Blinq to your life.
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