Instagram not so square now,allows portrait and landscape orientation

We’ve gotten used to cropping our photos into a square and viewing them as well in this format ever since Instagram came into our lives. But sometimes it gets frustrating, especially if the photo or video looks better when in landscape mode, especially if it’s that of a sprawling mountain range, the glorious sunset on a beach, or even those panoramic shots which some smartphones can take. But now Instagram has finally relented and is now allowing users to post their images and videos in formats other than the square one.

Instagram now has a new quick edit screen for Android

Sometimes, when you’re traveling or at an event, or just in a real hurry, those many windows, or rather those 3 windows that you have to go through to post on Instagram may seem like an eternity. It looks like the folks over at the photo sharing giant may have heard you, as a minor but crucial change has been added. The Android app now has a new edit screen where you can do all the basic things in just one page before posting your precious picture.

Instagram adds web search but still can’t upload from browser

The bad news is that you still cannot upload photos on Instagram through your web browser on your computer or laptop. The good news is that you can now search through thousands (maybe millions) of Instagram posts even when you’re not on the app but sitting in front of your desktop, as the photo sharing giant has decided to boost its web search.

Instagram photos now saved in bigger 1080p resolution

After a few years and even after being acquired by Facebook, Instagram is still going strong. The photo sharing site is still popular and it’s getting more members than ever. Just recently, the app was updated with new Explore page and search functions so you can discover more photos, places, and people. While Instagram (IG to some) can be everyone’s favorite social app, it can’t be your main photo backup site because photos are saved in smaller sizes. But this time, the service is now able to save images in larger resolution from 640 X 640 to 1080 x 1080 pixels.

Instagram updated with new Explore page, improved search

The popular photo-sharing app, everyone's favorite Instagram has just been updated. Well, some of you may disagree that it's a fave but we can't contest the fact that the app is still one of the top social networks today even after so many years. The Instagram team has just announced two big updates to the app. One is the improved search and the all-new Explore page.

Layout from Instagram finally arrives for Android devices

A couple of months after they released it on that other platform, Instagram has finally released their companion app called Layout from Instagram, this time for Android devices. It is a collage-making app that comes from the fact that a lot of people don't just want to post a single photo but rather a series of pictures on their Instagram accounts. The collage-making app is perfect for those who don't want to use third-party apps but instead a fully authorized one in making their scrapbook-style photo posts.

Create time-lapse videos easily with Microsoft Hyperlapse app

A few years back, in order to create an impressive video with time-lapse editing, you needed one or two high-end cameras, a tripod or two, plus hours of editing the footage you've collected. With the technology and apps available now, the process has been pared down considerably. In fact, Microsoft says you can do it with just your mobile phone, and maybe a steady hand (a tripod or monopod won't hurt). Welcome to the world of Microsoft Hyperlapse.

Emojis (and three new filters) come to Instagram

It's official guys: someday, emojis will run the world. Instagram is the latest to fall for this weird kind of communication that we've got going as the latest update to the app brings emojis into the equation, allowing you now to add emojis to your hashtags and also searching for posts using these emoji hashtags. Oh, and before we forget, there are three new, cool filters that come with the update as well.

Instagram’s first Android-first update brings Color and Fade tools

Usually, photo sharing juggernaut Instagram brings its updates to that other platform first before rolling it out to Android users. But for some reason, they chose to go Android first with their newest update. And not only does it have the usual bug fixes and improvements, it comes with two new tools that you can use to make your pictures prettier, all without having to use a third-party app to touch them up.

Layout, Photo Booth coming soon to Instagram for Android

With over 300 million active users on Instagram, you expect a lot of unofficial apps to come out and add features that are not found in the official one. We've had a lot of fun editing photos and making collages for our real IG while using apps like InstaCollage, InstaSize, and all other Insta-prefixed apps out there. It looks like the folks over at Facebook (who own Instagram, if you didn't know it yet) were observing and learning what these apps have brought to the table and now, they're bringing it as well.
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