Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G to get HSUPA support in April update

AT&T has leaked in a Facebook response that the Motorola Atrix 4G an HTC Inspire 4G will be getting HSUPA 4G support with it's April software update. In addition, the Samsung Infuse 4G will come HSUPA enabled right out of the box. AT&T has caught fire of late for hobbling HSUPA 4G on their hallmark phones while they proceeded to 'test the network.' That caused many of those Atrix fans who bought the hype brought on by the Atrix winning best cellphone at CES and dove in with both feet, only to find a 4G phone only running at 3G speed. That will all change come April.

HTC Pyramid Detailed as Honeycomb Phone

What in the weird? We've got a bit of info coming in all the way from over in China, XDA.CN (not to be confused with XDA Developers) has not only a couple pictures of the HTC Pyramid, they've got some specs as well - and the oddest thing, before we even get into the rest? This phone will feature Android 3.0 Honeycomb. That's supposed to be a version of Android made only for the tablet environment. What does this move mean? It of course means nothing less than that the universe is collapsing.

HTC Desire HD Pops Up in Two 18-second Ads

For those of you rolling hard with the HTC Inspire 4G, you know the glory of the undeniably gigantic screen and smoothness of the case in your hands. Were you aware that there's another phone out there that's essentially exactly the same as yours, with a different name? The HTC Desire HD runs on a different network (Telus,) and has different radio software than the Inspire 4G, but for the most part, save for a few odd issues that have arisen because of the UK/USA bits of insides. What we've got here is a couple of commercials that were released today, both of them for the Desire HD, but work just as well for those looking for some more pazazz in their Inspire 4G video spots.

HTC Inspire gets overclocked

Another day, another Android handset gets the overclocking treatment. This time, it's the HTC Inspire 4G, and thanks to the gang at XDA Developers, users can push their processing power to a blazing 1.8 Ghz. Using SetCPU and compiling a kernel for CyanogenMod 7, XDA Forum member DOAlaboratories builds on the shoulders of another XDA Dev, Kalin, to get this started.