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Verizon confirms HTC 5-inch phone as the DROID DNA

If you're impressed by the 5-inch 1080p smartphone coming from the folks at HTC and are on Verizon, then we have good news. Multiple leaks and reports have seemingly confirmed that the HTC J Butterfly 5-inch "phablet" will arrive on Verizon, and today the carrier has accidentally confirmed it themselves. Read on for more details about the upcoming HTC DROID DNA.

HTC Nexus 5 rumors skip over LG

We've been hearing a lot lately about what we might see from Google as the next Nexus smartphone. With the 1 year anniversary of the Galaxy Nexus fast approaching many are anticipating another Nexus will arrive shortly. The LG Nexus 4 has been in the news plenty with rumors stating a late October announcement -- but now we're hearing the HTC Nexus 5 name again.

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible X likely launching very soon

It looks like HTC's Droid Incredible X could be coming to Verizon in the very near future. The Global Certification Forum appears to have inadvertently confirmed the existence of the device. The GCF does not confirm whether the device will be called the Droid Incredible X, but it does confirm a model number of HTC6435LVW. Other rumored names for the this device are HTC One X 5 or Google Nexus 5. With Verizon being rumored to be launching a device called the Droid Incredible X in the very near future, that seems like the most likely name for this leaked device. Either way, this phone, with its 5-inch screen, is clearly aimed at competing with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. As we reported recently, this device is rumored to have 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 2MP front camera and 12MP rear camera, a 2500mAh battery, and 1.5Ghz S4 Pro processor from Snapdragon. It will have a 5-inch, 1080p screen for displaying HD media. If Google decides to make this device their flagship, it would be the first phablet to receive the title. As is the case with most Android devices, we do not expect Verizon to announce this device until closer to its release. Either way, this looks like an awesome device whether it receive Google flagship status or not. This and Galaxy Note II are bringing 5-inch phones to forefront in a big way. [via Engadget]