Incredible HD

HTC Vigor named the HTC DROID Incredible HD

When we first heard the name HTC Vigor we all knew it was a codename and we'd eventually hear Verizon and HTC's plan on a name. While we've seen plenty of leaks it appears the new name has finally been decided. The HTC Vigor will be the first HD phone to market as the HTC DROID Incredible HD and feature a 1280x720p HD display.

HTC Incredible HD 4G LTE Phone for Verizon FACE Photo

An anonymous tipster has added the all-important face shot to the long collection of images that were jammed across these internets last night. This one's got a big face and shows quick clearly the big 4G right up top front and center. Also it's 4:16 PM on this clock so it looks like they took this photo right alongside the rest, waitng to release this one until everyone figured out the puzzle. Neato.

HTC Incredible HD Leak Obviously Engineered

As many of you know, a couple of shots were leaked yesterday of an upcoming HTC device. Everyone was excited as sites such as Engadget, Gizmodo, CrunchGear, Android Central and our own SlashGear got "leaked" a bezel image and then an additional image of the device - but not the whole device, of course.

HTC Incredible HD AKA HTC Mecha Pictured?

A leaked shot of the bezel of an upcoming HTC device, along with another of the back camera with dual-LED flash, has just been tipped to SlashGear. It has been suggested that this is indeed the HTC Incredible HD (HTC Mecha) which means that it will be an upcoming Android-based 4G LTE device.