Google dropping the “Display All Images” option in Gmail

If you have used Gmail for any length of time you likely remember the options about displaying images. At present Gmail on the desktop lists the option as "display images below" and on a mobile device you see "show pictures." But regardless of platform, the need to tap that link will soon be going away. This change will first be arriving on the desktop, and then later on Android devices.

Android 4.4.1 update expected soon with Nexus 5 camera fix

While the Nexus 5 seems to have stepped up a bit in terms of the camera, things were not quite as perfect as many had been hoping for. Overall the handset is able to take some decent pictures, but there are frequent complaints about the shutter speed. We have been playing with third-party camera apps and have seen some improvement there, but it appears as if Google is getting ready to push out a fix.

VSCO Cam Android release set for December 3rd

VSCO Cam touts itself as being "the standard of mobile photography" and as of tomorrow, Android users will be able to put that to the test. The app had long been available only for iOS, though, the team behind the app did confirm an Android app was in the works. That confirmation came several months back, but again, the app is expected to arrive in the Play Store as of tomorrow, December 3rd.
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