Google cooking iMessage rival: Boosted GTalk app in works?

Google is reportedly readying an Apple iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger rival of its own, according to the latest rumors, potentially allowing Android device owners to bypass SMS and MMS messaging on their handsets and tablets. According to the WSJ, Google "has also recently worked on a messaging application, a person familiar with the matter said." The rumors have surfaced in the aftermath of Apple's iMessage announcement, part of the upcoming iOS 5 upgrade to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Like RIM's BBM, iMessage will allow for text, photo and multimedia messages, sent to individuals and to groups. Details on Google's system are unclear, though of course the company already has Google Talk, its IM app that integrates with Android devices as well as Gmail users in the browser and as a standalone app for PC. The most likely route seems to be enhancing GTalk so that it supports the same advanced functionality as iMessage and BBM, with the added bonus of being compatible with the established desktop ecosystem. app for Android gets voice IM and more

If you like to chat with your friends and coworkers on IM and want one app for just about every service you may already be familiar with for Android. The app is a universal IM application that supports most major IM platforms for chatting online. It supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM/ICQ, Google Talk, My Space, Skype, and Facebook.

Trillian Multi-Protocol Chat Now Available in the Android Market

If you are like most people you have a wide array of IM accounts and social networks you like to use to chat with friends, and it's hard to manage them and stay constantly connected. Now there is a great looking and impressive option for you in the form of Trillian that was just released out of beta.

Fring Updated, Bringing in ‘Dynamic Video Quality’

Fring, the ever popular video chat/IM client, has been updated to today. The update brings in a new featured called Dynamic Video Quality. DVQ will automatically adjust the video call quality to match your internet bandwidth at all times in real time.